Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rescue or Adopt Charlie, senior chow chow mix Nashville TN

This big guy is named Charley. He is purebred 8 year old neutered male, heartworm negative. His owners left him behind when their house was foreclosed on. They left him chained to a tree in the front yard with a metal pot for water, a plastic dog house, and food on the ground. I picked him up one day last summer when the temperatures got up to over 100 degrees and heat index was horrible. The neighbors said he would just sit and cry at night and they would have to feed him to keep him from going hungry. The humane society would not do anything for him because he did get fed once a month. The vet said he is developing cataracts on his eyes. He's an awesome dog and is very content just knowing someone is around to visit him daily. When he was taken to the vet, he did very well until I left the room. He is very co-dependent upon his owner and he was raised around kids. He does play rough with the kids so I wouldn't recommend any child younger than a teenager. He don't like being around other dogs. He may be fine one minute but very aggressive the next with them. He's does great by himself. He is also good with strangers. We would love help placing this gentleman because he has been with us almost a year and he deserves a permanent home full of love and attention after what he has been through. If you could be so kind to do a courtesy post or know of anyone that has the "chow knowledge" and would be interested in adopting him, please have them contact lindablessing2000@hotmail.com. (FYI: Charley has been staying with me since I found him and he sleeps in a floored horse stall, right behind the house, entirely of his own equipped with a huge doggie bed, food, water, and two dog houses. Since he doesn't do well with other dogs we had no choice but to put him in the barn. He stays warm in the winter, cool in the summer and he is put on a lead that lets him roam from one end of the barn to the other and out in the back yard. He seems to just be content "sitting and watching" the other dogs. He too gets his play time daily and his special treats. None of the other fosters would take him so I have cared for him and provided for his needs.)