Thursday, April 12, 2012

13 year old wishbone needs rescue or home!!!!

MEET Wishbone. Wishbone is wise and will listen patiently. He will also help you keep part of your resolutions (remember them?) with a few easy walks a week. But the best part of rescuing or adopting Wishbone will be the joy you both feel when you walk him out of the shelter and into the sunlight. You will see his nose twitch at the new smells and your heart will skip a beat. Good karma will settle on your shoulders and Wishbone's tail will be wagging furiously. Such a simple act yet life-changing for two beings who need each other (and don't know it yet) Every day Wishbone is in the shelter is one less day he is with you. It is one less day Wishbone has to lay in the sun. It is one less day that you wear the mantle of pay it forward. Finally, each day Wishbone spends at the shelter increases the likelihood that when he leaves it will be in a bag and not on a leash. Animals are in extreme crisis right now- and you know Wishbone deserves better than dying in a shelter. You don't want to die in a charity nursing home, do you? Grant Wishbone the only wish he has- a nice life with nice people. Easy enough, isn't it? Easier than algebra, being polite when you call customer service and talk to someone 10,000 miles away and DEFINITELY easier than making a seven layer cake. So get in touch ASAP! Even if you can only foster for a week or two- it MATTERS because Wishbone MATTERS. Please share with others who know that old dogs are the best. Like fine wine, they are mellow, rich, and so smooth. We will help you help Wishbone. Email us ASAP. WOOF. Thank you.