Sunday, April 29, 2012

Adopt Jake, sweetest dog ever! loving laid back plotthound - Westchester NY

Meet Jake. This lovely, 5+ year old laid back plotthound is just a darling dog! Living in the first foster home he has ever had with two larger dogs, he is as sweet as sugar and as friendly a dog as you would ever want to meet. Great with kids and dogs and even good with cats, this former hunting dog, who did NOT want to hunt, is looking for his first and forever real home. Jake has waited more than 5 years to get the home he really deserves, with love and affection and just a nice family! yes, jake is wonderful with children! His sweet disposition will win your heart as it did mine! To apply to adopt this truly wonderful dog, please email for an adoption application. Jake is located in Westchester, NY. He just cannot wait to meet you!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gunner gorgeous 9 yr old large yellow lab needs new home, owner died Plumboro, PA

Meet Gunner, This 9 year old plus size gorgeous male yellow lab just lost his owner who passed away. He is a big boy (approximately 125 pounds), but he is the sweetest, most loving dog ever. He can't see very well (has developed cataracts), but is a great listener. He gets along very well with other dogs. Gunner would love to become part of your family! please email Nicole at if you can adopt Gunner or you can email kathy at

Friday, April 27, 2012

Small senior dogs available for adoptions at Bide a Wee in NYC

GOGO WATCH MY VIDEO: Gogo is a senoir pekinese whose owner moved and could no longer care for him. This affectionate little guy weighs just 10 pounds. Because he is a bit fragile and can be sensitive to handling on some parts of his body, he needs a calm, gentle family with children over age 12. Gogo gets along with other animals and he is already housebroken. He is approximately 12 years old, but he is still peppy and has his playful moments, and he loves belly rubs!

GLORIA WATCH MY VIDEOS: & Gloria is a very affectionate and loving Chihuahua mix that wants nothing more than to sit on your lap all day long! This sweet 10 year old soul weighs just 9 pounds. She gets along with other calm dogs and seems to be friendly with cats as well. Because of her small stature and somewhat timid nature, we recommend a gentle, mellow family with kids over the age of 12. Gloria seems to be partially housebroken and she may use wee-wee pads, but she may have accidents as well.

RONYA IS APRIL 2012 STAFF PICK OF THE LITTER - WATCH MY VIDEO: Ronya is a spunky, playful and loving Miniature Pinscher mix. While the vets have aged her at around 8 years old, she doesn't show signs of slowing down! Ronya gets along with other dogs and seems to be friendly with cats as well. This social, 12-pound sweetheart came to Bideawee via a municipal shelter, where she had been dropped off as a stray. Ronya allows all touching and handling, but she can become uncomfortable with restraint of her paws and muzzle and may become mouthy in these situations. Due to this and because of her small stature, we recommend a family with kids over the age of 12. contact: Audrey Fisher Adoption Outreach Coordinator 866-262-8133 x7264 Bideawee, Manhattan 410 E. 38th Street New York, NY 10016 ADOPTION CENTER HOURS Monday: CLOSED Tu & Fri: 10am-5pm Wed & Thurs: 12pm-7pm Sa & Su: 10am-4pm Facebook: Twitter:


This is Loshem, he is a seven year old intact male chow. He is the sweetest dog you've ever met, he was brought to the shelter on March 3rd and we have been unable to find a home for him. Please let me know if anyone is in a position where they can take this guy to get him adopted. He's always happy to meet new people and does well with the other dogs. April Kennedy Rescue Coordinator Loudon County Animal Shelter email:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Adopt Bud and Girlie, two sibling senior labs on the smallish side - Atlanta, GA

Ten year old siblings Bud and his sister Girlie (also known as “G”) are cute and sweet and lovable. They greet you with the biggest, most wonderful smiles. And they love to be loved. Made to live outside their entire lives, then dumped in a kill shelter, Bud and Girlie are the sweetest dogs you would ever want to meet. Bud is quiet and lovable, and about as easy-going and well-behaved as they come. When he smiles up at you - he tosses his head back, gives you a big ol’ grin and his ears fall straight out to the side. Adorable. He has the sweetest smile and his soft, gentle eyes will steal your heart. He likes for you to talk to him – he doesn’t care about what. You can mention politics or the weather – either will make him happy. His eyes light up when you hand him a small stuffed animal to carry around. He likes to chase balls too. "G" is a bit more outgoing than her brother. She loves to give kisses and get hugs. When you talk to her, she sits real close, hunches her shoulders, tilts her head back and looks up at you like she’s hanging on your every word. It’s impossible not to fall in love with her. She’s like a fuwwy, widdle wabbit… her ears are really long and her coat is really soft. She adores attention; she’s such a love bunny! These two sibling dogs have been with us for a long time and it is their turn to get adopted! So please email or fill out an adoption form at website. Bud and Girlie are waiting for you!

Special Needs Senior Cat Matteo needs rescue or adopter location Merrick, NYM

Meet Matteo, a 9 year old DSH male cat. Matteo was hit by a car and can not urinate on his own. His tail is amputated and he is fine when you express his bladder. He is loving, sweet but a bit shy. He never scratches or bites. He is a very good cat, he is affectionate. Please email if you can help Matteo.

Senior Minpins from hoarder case need homes - location Hopewell Junc. NY

These are two of my Sr Min-Pins. They were from a hoarder/starvation case. (we took 7 out of 35) I also have a male. They are all spayed/neutered and have basic shots. Hannah ( the last pict) is OK by herself and is the oldest. They all love to snuggle under the blankets and are content to sleep in a box where they can stay warm...or under the covers on your bed. They are VERY affectionate. The adoption fee is $150 for any of them and we would prefer an experienced home. please email

Adopt Honey Bun, older shih tzu from puppy mill location Hopewell Junction NY

This is Honey Bun. She is a 5-6 year old Shih Tzu about 14lbs ( chubby) . She is an ex puppy-mill mom that has come a long way out of her shell. Still not quick to trust new people, she will take time to "move in" and become the "Darling" that I know. She is spayed and has her basic shots. Her adoption fee is $150. if you are interested in adopting please email

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adopt Cotton, puppy mill bichon frise survivor Hopewell Junc. NY

Cotton is a Bichon Frise. She is an older lady (7-8 yrs), and an ex Puppy-mill mom. She has never known life outside of a cage and is still very skittish. It will take a calm and patient person or couple to help her become the dog she was meant to be. She is spayed and has her basic shots. Her adoption fee is $150. email

Adopt Starla, female lhasa apso puppy mill survivor hopewell junction NY

This is Starla. She is a Lhassa Apso of unknown age ( 5-7 years?) She is an ex puppy-mill mom and knows very ittle about the outside world. She has been a good girl here and would be grateful for a home filled with love and patience. She is cream and white, spayed and has her basic shots. Her adoption fee is $150. please email for more info!

Senior Dogs in Macon, GA need rescue OR adopters!


MEET HONDO. Lovely male senior black labrador, very sweet.

Meet Jabba and the Hut, these two beagle mixes are seniors AND sisters!

EMMA, female chocolate lab fully vetted age 13

Meet MANGO, female boxer/bully fully vetted

Meet Snoopy male rat terrier senior age 10

Spike - male schnauzer senior age 11

MEET Turtle, senior female bully x senior very full of life! If you can rescue OR adopt, please contact Charli at

Adopt Alex, 13 yr old male black lab mix

Alex (Petraits attached) is a loyal and spry, 12 to 13-year-old, 55-pound, male Black Labrador Retriever-mix looking for a loving guardian. Volunteers at the Save-A-Pet shelter call Alex “a grand gentleman.” When he goes for his walks, he keeps a nice pace but always carries his leash in his mouth. Alex tends to bond very strongly with one person and becomes that person's “protector.” He has lived peacefully with cats, but he was never socialized with other dogs, so he is afraid of them. However, at the shelter, he can meet and greet another dog on leash with no problems. He especially doesn’t enjoy the energy of young dogs, or children for that matter. Since Alex is incredibly loyal and protective of his person, he’s probably best in a one adult dog-experienced home. Someone who will keep him safe on leash, in a crate, or in another room when people come to the home. To meet and possibly adopt Alex, please contact the Save-A-Pet shelter at or 847.740.7788. His adoption fee of $125 benefits the rescued dogs of Save-A-Pet, or only $25 through the SAP senior to senior program. He is a healthy older gentleman, de-wormed, neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, micro-chipped, heartworm-tested and on preventative. You can meet Alex and all the other Save-A-Pet residents at the adoption center at 31664 N. Fairfield Rd., in Grayslake, Illinois, on Monday and Friday from 1:00 to 5:00 pm, Thursday from 1:00 to 8:00 pm, or Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Senior Cocker Spaniels need adopters or rescue - Lawrenceberg KY

Two of the 6 cocker spaniel owner turn ins. #103 Wolfie Male, nine years old, red and white colored #107 Mikie Male, twelve years old, black and white colored
Over the weekend, we had six purebred cocker spaniels turned in at the county shelter in Lawrenceburg, KY. They range from 4 to 12 years, very matted, very scared, and desperatedly need to get out of animal control, as they are full there. The owner was placed in a nursing home, and the family turned the dogs in. Pictures will be posted tomorrow, but there are none available right now. (I do the Petfinder listings, but I'm only at the Adoption Center long enough each week to take pictures to post on the internet. You'll need to contact Donna at the Adoption Center to get information. e-mail Donna her at Thanks!)

Monday, April 23, 2012

JAVA needs a rescue or home - chocolate lab/great dane mix in GA

JAVA is a approx 7 year old, fully vetted, perfectly behaved HW NEG Great Dane Choc Lab mix. Good with kids and other dogs. Not cat tested, but has a perfect personality. He has been with his rescue foster since his owner lost everything fighting cancer. Please, PLEASE, somebody save this amazing, perfect boy. Rescue foster is losing her home and he needs a place to go by April 30. He is currently in NW Georgia. please email Nicole if you can help JAVA.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Super Sweet senior labrador needs home - rescuer losing her home great with kids

Meet Chester. Chester is one of the most awesome senior labs you will ever meet. Chester is a choc (and gray) lab who is just a big marshmallow. Her 3 yr old son rides him like a horse and he loves the attention of children. She loves him dearly and needs to know that he will go to a home that will give him the love and tender care he so deserves. If you know of someone who might be willing to give an old man a safe retirement home, please let me know and we will work out how to get him from GA. please email Nicole at if you can help him!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rescue or Adopter needed for Brandy, 12 year old female golden/lab in PA

Brandy needs a new adult home or rescue org. Older kids would be ok no young kids. She is 12 and the energy level of very young kids not the best match. family giving her up. She’s 12 now. Alpha dog. No cats. Spayed. OK with submissive dogs but will sometimes protect a rawhide or bone with the lab/pit that the family has.(he said it only happens maybe once a year). They have had her since she’s 1 year old. She gets along well with the other dog. But she is not fond of cats. She walks well on a leash and will be getting her shots on Saturday. She is not fond of being crated as she was crate a lot when she was a pup. Her first owners didn’t have time for her so they crated her all the time. So she is not in love with being crated. She has a nice temperament and loves her humans. She probably can’t see so good now at age 12 either. If you can rescue Brandy or are interested in adopting please email Bernie at

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Senior Dogs Who Need Homes or Rescue at Burlington Co. Animal Shelter Mt Holly NJ

CONTACT at Burlington County Animal Shelter if you are interested in any of these older dogs!
D-46333 Tyson**Pooch with Perks** German Shepherd Dog/Welsh Corgi Mix: I am six years old and weigh 65.7 lbs. I am a very interesting mix of German Shepherd and corgi (probably!) My former owner fell upon hard times and could no longer afford to take care of me. They said I am good with children and babies and I like cats too but, I'm not so sure about dogs. I would probably be fine with another polite, well-balanced dog. I have had formal training, am housebroken and leash trained. I am a very smart dog. I also walk very nicely on the leash (that's what the volunteers said to tell you) I also have the biggest, cutest ears you've ever seen!
D-46726 Summer**Pooch with Perks** Boxer Mix: Summer- like so many other pets, her owner lost their job and apartment and could not take her. Summer is around 8 years old and weighs 67 lbs. Her former owner says she likes treats (obviously!), good with kids, dogs and cats and is housebroken. Summer has such a sad look on her face, but she is very sweet and sits when you ask her to. She has become a favorite of our volunteers who are very complimentary of her quiet gentle nature. She even tolerated a bath recently! Please consider giving this older girl a loving home where she will no longer have a sad look on her face. Summer is a member of our Pooch With Perks Program! When you adopt, you will receive a Doggie Goodie Bag donated by the Friends of Burlington County Animal Shelter!
D-46734 Princess American Staffordshire Terrier: Would you like to meet a sweet, friendly dog, who walks nicely and is a victim of the economy? Well princess is the one. She was surrendered along with her housemate Bear (D-46735) when their owner moved and couldn't take them along. They want you to know that Princess is good with kids, but no cats for her, and at 8 years old (and 62 lbs) misses being in a home. Please come meet Princess and consider making her part of your family. sorry no cats!
MEET BUDDY ID# D47175 - Can you be a "buddy " to handsome Buddy? Buddy may be a senior fellow, around 11 years old, and he may be a little chunky (54 lbs)f but he has a heart of gold. Buddy's former owner could no longer take care of him but just check out these great qualities Buddy has; according to his former owner, Buddy likes to eat and sleep and he does like to chase "critters" in the yard. He walked wonderfully on leash , knows sit, was friendly to everyone and he does like to put his nose to the ground and check things out. Even though Buddy is on the older side, he will make a wonderful family addition and shouldn't have to spend his "mature" years in a shelter.
SWEETNESS D-47059 Sweetness Black Labrador Retriever: Hi everyone- I am a well behaved beautiful black 86lb Lab and am around 6 years old. Some nice people found and took care of me but they can no longer keep me. I have a greying muzzle and toes and was wearing a red collar when I was picked up. I have a big heart- the volunteers call me "Sweetness". I have a lovable nature and loves to be around people. Even though I am a strong dog, I am well behaved. Come visit Sweetness and spend some time with him in the yard- he would love to meet you. Please consider making him part of your family.
D-47284 Buddy -Beagle Mix: Buddy is a sweet, adorable older adult dog. He is 7 years old and weighs 41 lbs. Buddy is an easy walker and would make a great companion for a quieter family. His former owner moved and could not take him along. They said Buddy is crate trained. Buddy had just been surrendered when we took him for a walk and pictures so he was a little cautious but when he got outside, the sniffing began! Buddy is truly a gentle dog and would love to be in a forever home.
MILLIE - D47314 - Little Millie is a 12 yr old cocker spaniel. She weighs 24 lbs. This old girl needs a house without small children. She just needs a calm place to relax with people who will love her. She is already house trained. Millie is very sweet and gets along well with adults.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rescue or Adopt Charlie, senior chow chow mix Nashville TN

This big guy is named Charley. He is purebred 8 year old neutered male, heartworm negative. His owners left him behind when their house was foreclosed on. They left him chained to a tree in the front yard with a metal pot for water, a plastic dog house, and food on the ground. I picked him up one day last summer when the temperatures got up to over 100 degrees and heat index was horrible. The neighbors said he would just sit and cry at night and they would have to feed him to keep him from going hungry. The humane society would not do anything for him because he did get fed once a month. The vet said he is developing cataracts on his eyes. He's an awesome dog and is very content just knowing someone is around to visit him daily. When he was taken to the vet, he did very well until I left the room. He is very co-dependent upon his owner and he was raised around kids. He does play rough with the kids so I wouldn't recommend any child younger than a teenager. He don't like being around other dogs. He may be fine one minute but very aggressive the next with them. He's does great by himself. He is also good with strangers. We would love help placing this gentleman because he has been with us almost a year and he deserves a permanent home full of love and attention after what he has been through. If you could be so kind to do a courtesy post or know of anyone that has the "chow knowledge" and would be interested in adopting him, please have them contact (FYI: Charley has been staying with me since I found him and he sleeps in a floored horse stall, right behind the house, entirely of his own equipped with a huge doggie bed, food, water, and two dog houses. Since he doesn't do well with other dogs we had no choice but to put him in the barn. He stays warm in the winter, cool in the summer and he is put on a lead that lets him roam from one end of the barn to the other and out in the back yard. He seems to just be content "sitting and watching" the other dogs. He too gets his play time daily and his special treats. None of the other fosters would take him so I have cared for him and provided for his needs.)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Senior dogs and cats in danger at Loudon Co. Animal Shelter in TENN

Please if you can help any of these seniors, the shelter is full and seniors are the first to go. Please contact if you can rescue just one!!
MEET LOSHEM a senior chow chow.
MEET POLLY a senior cat with extra toes for good luck!!! PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU CAN help any of these seniors. To see ALL the dogs and cats at this shelter, please visit

URGENT!Two 13 year old store cats to become homeless as store closes

NINJA and SAMANTHA will soon be homeless as the store they lived in is closing and they have NO place to go. These cats are brother and sister! They have always been together! Always lived in the Store. THEY are 13 years old. In good health. Very active. Spayed and vaccinated. A quiet home would be great. Please contact Carrie if you can rescue or adopt them at

Poor Sandy (A15915744) is a sad ~8-10 year old mash up of what looks like a bizarre shepherd mix! She was surrendered because her owners could no longer afford to care for her, and now she’s been abandoned at ACCT. Sandy is surprisingly spunky, considering how sad and scared she looks in her kennel; when it comes to time outside, she’s always ready to go! Sandy appears to be housebroken, and, per her former owner, is good with cats, dogs, and lived with older children. She’s a special case girl — she is deaf, so she would need to go to a home that would understand her condition, and help her when she needs it. IF YOU CAN HELP PLEASE CONTACT

Thursday, April 12, 2012

13 year old wishbone needs rescue or home!!!!

MEET Wishbone. Wishbone is wise and will listen patiently. He will also help you keep part of your resolutions (remember them?) with a few easy walks a week. But the best part of rescuing or adopting Wishbone will be the joy you both feel when you walk him out of the shelter and into the sunlight. You will see his nose twitch at the new smells and your heart will skip a beat. Good karma will settle on your shoulders and Wishbone's tail will be wagging furiously. Such a simple act yet life-changing for two beings who need each other (and don't know it yet) Every day Wishbone is in the shelter is one less day he is with you. It is one less day Wishbone has to lay in the sun. It is one less day that you wear the mantle of pay it forward. Finally, each day Wishbone spends at the shelter increases the likelihood that when he leaves it will be in a bag and not on a leash. Animals are in extreme crisis right now- and you know Wishbone deserves better than dying in a shelter. You don't want to die in a charity nursing home, do you? Grant Wishbone the only wish he has- a nice life with nice people. Easy enough, isn't it? Easier than algebra, being polite when you call customer service and talk to someone 10,000 miles away and DEFINITELY easier than making a seven layer cake. So get in touch ASAP! Even if you can only foster for a week or two- it MATTERS because Wishbone MATTERS. Please share with others who know that old dogs are the best. Like fine wine, they are mellow, rich, and so smooth. We will help you help Wishbone. Email us ASAP. WOOF. Thank you.