Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Victim of Severe Abuse, male rottie needs help! PA

This is Sparrow, whom I have sent before, he came to the shelter this way. Looks like an abuse case, his head is caved in on the one side, and as you can see he

is missing an eye. He had two holds on him, but the one didn't work out, because

when they brought their dog to meet him, the dog approached him from his blind

side, and I guess he snapped at it. He would probably be best as an only pet

because of this. Who can blame him for being nervous being approached from that

side, God only knows what happened to him. I have had him out, he appears to be

full rotty, he is big, and strong, but walks fairly well on a leash. I don't

think he cares much for other dogs. I think he just has problems only seeing

from the one side. He would be a great only pet for someone. He certainly needs

the love. He likes his biscuits. Hope someone out there falls in love with him,

despite his appearance. He is at the Griffin Pond Shelter. I think he is fairly

young. Thanks for all the help. Martin
More info can be obtained from the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter.