Friday, March 16, 2012

Rescue or ADOPT Wendy, beautiful female hound with special needs

Meet WENDY. This 8 year old female hound is just SUCH a sweet dog. She has been with the shelter for a year. Wendy has been alone, with me walking twice a day. She has met two Austrailian Shepherds while walking and showed NO agression at all. During our walk we pass beagles, coon hounds, and shepherd mixes.......NO problems at all. My little beagle has been walking with me and her, and she only wants to play! She has not been living IN a home, unfortunately., BUT since she is the only one in the fenced yard, she can come and go into her kennel as she wants. She NEVER pees or poos in the kennel, always the yard. Three weeks ago she was diagnosed with diabetes and needs insulin injections twice a day. We checked her blood after the first week and it was actually higher, so we increased the insulin and will check her again this week to see if it's leveled out. I have noticed her water intake is down a little, but she still drinks a lot of water. I know if she were indoors she would hold it as long as possible, but a doggie door would be ideal. This past week, she went to our local Tractor Supply store for Adopt-A-Pet. She was a big hit with everyone. She loves kids and especially older men. She rides wonderful in the car. LOVES it. Jumps right in with no issues. She loves her toys, she takes them with us when we go for walks and will lay them down, til we come back past and pick them up again. :-) If you are interested in rescuing OR adopting Wendy please email Pam at