Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rescue needed or adopter for Beetie, 8 yr old female Jack Russell terrier special needs in TN is the email contact! 
Beetie is an 8 year old female Jack Russell Terrier picked up as a stray.

Beetie is very special needs and because of this she will be put down if
I can't find a rescue for her ASAP. I have permission form
the shelter to locate a rescue for Beetie, I am determined not to let
this wonderful girl be put down. Beetie was just a bag of bones when
I picked her up from the vet office. She is mostly blind due to
having diabetes. She can see shadows, but that is it. Her diabetes
is regulated, and she can live her full life span with 2 insulin shots
per day (1.5 units). The shots are very easy to give, they are so
tiny, and I give them while she is eating and she never even notices.
Beetie is a couch potato, she would like to live somewhere where she
is the only dog in the house. Beetie is crate trained and spayed.
She attaches very easily to every person she meets! She follows me
around (she might run in to the couch, but she has learned her way
around the house easily!) She is a very quiet dog who just wants to
sleep and be lazy on the couch all day long. She loves to be walked
outside to do her business. This absolutely wonderful girl deserves
for the second half of her life to be a happy one!!
I really need to get her somewhere asap, the shelter threats to put
her down because she is deemed "not adoptable", but she is adoptable!!
How can a sweet girl who just wants to be a couch potato and follow
you around not adoptable?! The reason the shelter sees her this way
is because of her diabetes with the fact that she does not like other
I think a good home for her would be one where she is the only inside
dog and no small children (simply because she is too old to be rough
housed with).
Can you please help me? Please let me know then I can make the necessary arrangements to get a copy
of your 501C3 and a vet reference.