Monday, March 5, 2012

Not even a year ago a very special little girl was born. Her name is Annabelle (on the left) and she was born without eyes. Even through Annabelle can't see, she has never known the benefit of sight but has learned to SEE WITH HER HEART! And as such, she sees more than we will even begin to know or understand! This sweet girl has heart unparalled and has touched everyone that she has met. She has shown everyone that, although it might be scarey for her when confronted with something new and unknown, she does not turn away but faces each challenge head on!

Both Sugar and Annabelle are BEAUTIFUL and sweet girls. They get along with everyone and everything! Their family lost their home and could not take Sugar and Annabelle with them. And, now I need a home that will love and care for both of these beautiful girls like they deserve to be.

Sugar is a beautiful border collie mix and is eight years old. Annabelle is eleven months old. Both have been spayed and are up to date on vaccines. Sugar is in the process of being treated for heartworm and this expense will be covered by me as her rescue/sponsor through completion
TKDIAMOND@AOL.COM is the contact for both dogs.
they really do need a home together!  someone out there
can make that happen!!  (the blind little puppy is on the left, mom is at the top.)