Saturday, March 24, 2012

Buffy and Sabu need home together two bonded dogs in CA

Contact: Taryn - for more information on these two stunning best friends. I am sending you this email with the hope of finding a home for these two dogs, Buffy and Sabu, who grew up together. When their owner went into a nursing home, Buffy and Sabu were left alone in their home for six months, with the neighbor feeding them. I helped a friend of mine find a home for them a year ago, with my cousin taking them both. Everyone was happy till now. My cousin informed us today that unfortunately she had to sell her home and can no longer keep Buffy and Sabu. We have until the end of this month to find them a home. I have met both dogs and they are just adorable and loving and so sweet. Just look at their cute faces! Please, if you or anyone you know would enjoy adopting these two sweet dogs, please let me know, and I can call my friend. They need a happy home.