Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Adopt Sally, chained for 7 years now seeks her first home in Owingville, KY

My name is Sally, and I have spent 7 years at the end of a chain. The chain was about 4 feet long. On Sunday, I came to Owingsville, KY and for the first time, I did not have a chain or a heavy collar on. Dad cut my collar off and Mom threw it in the trash, it had so much dirt on it, and it smelled. I smelled too, so Mom gave me my very first bath on Monday. It felt good! On Tuesday, I went to the doctor and I heard Mom say that I would never have babies again. I have had a lot of babies. Most of them died because other dogs would come and kill them and I had no way to protect them while I was on that chain. I then heard Mom say that I have worms in my heart, so I had to stay at the doctors last night and today I am getting a shot to kill the worms. I heard Mom say that I have to stay one more night, get one more shot, and the worms will be gone. The doctor also cleaned my teeth, that felt so good, my teeth were so brown but now they look better and feel better. Mom says that when I feel better and my stitches come out, I will go and get a good bath and a hair cut at some place called a "groomers". I will be ready to finally live a good life, that is what Mom promises. I do like children, and I am learning to like other dogs. I just don't know how to act yet but Mom says that I am doing very well. I like my new life and I need a home, so please, if you have any room for me, I promise that I will be good and try to act like a normal, happy dog forever. email for adoption information.