Monday, March 5, 2012

UPDATE - DOG IS BEING RESCUED!! $200 sponsor money to rescue for "DOG" - chained 10 yr old dog

 I saw Dog (yes that;'s his name, DeeOHgee) out back when I went into a home
 to remove some Chi's and Rat Terriers last Friday. Dog is very sweet and friendly
and crinkles his ears up in that gentle, submissive way when one approaches
 (see pics). He has not had an easy life as you can see in the pics. Never been
 inside, no matter how cold the winter is or hot the summer gets. Dog greeted me
 in a happy and low-key, friendly manner. He is skinny and when I was there, he
 had no water. She said "he knocks it over" and I went thru the usual routine
 of keeping water/shelter available 24/7. But this older fella is a real gentleman
and deserves to live out his last years in comfort, not on the chain.  I would guess he
weighs maybe 30 ? lbs. PLEASE help 10 Y.O. Dog get off the chain!
DOG has a rescue but no place to go. $200 sponsor money available!
please email 
if you can rescue DOG!!