Monday, February 6, 2012

Rescue or ADOPT Jake, gorgeous brindle plotthound- languishing in rescue a LONG time in Tennessee with no interest

Meet the gorgeous Jake! He is about 5 years old and is in SERIOUS need of a real forever home. After Lost But Loved Rescue showed up at a kill shelter to rescue another abused pittie they saw JAKE all skin and bones being kicked to get into the kennel. The sucker she is,  she fortunately loaded Jake up and took him with her too. He does great with dogs and cats but likes to guard his food. This is something that is TOTALLY managable. Jake stayed in my house for a few days for an adoption event and he did great with all my dogs and was not really interested in the cats. He is SUCH A sweet sweet old guy and wants NOTHING more than to lie at your feet while you watch TV. He would BE PERFECT for a less active person or a person who likes to hang out with their dog!. He is in a foster with a few other dogs and spends most of his time outside. He is SUCH a laid back dude and I am hoping these new photos of him will help the people that originally saved his life find him a GREAT home.

If you are interested in helping JAKE by rescue in the northeast or adoption, please email