Thursday, February 9, 2012

Adopt Scrappy, medium sized male terrier age 7 needs new home location bronx ny

Scrappy is one of two dogs that I own , and I have had him since he was 3 months old. He has always been very energetic and likes to play with other dogs. My other dog is also a male dog and over the past 2 years their "playing" has gotten more and more aggressive. I spoke to a behaviorist who informed me that they are trying to battle for dominance in the household.  I have tried separating them but Scrappy will cry, howl and bark until he is back with my other dog. The fighting has gotten to the point where my other dog has repeatedly bit scrappy and broken skin. Scrappy is more independent and less attached to me. He is house trained and never chews or climbs on furniture. He is up to date with his shots and has been neutered. He enjoys spending time outdoors and loves to play in the snow. He has not spent a lot of time around children but I can imagine that he would be very bored with them. A home with another dog to play with preferably female would be the best situation for Scrappy.
Please email for an application to adopt Scrappy.
I have considered many options and I do not want to send him to a shelter. I would rather try to find him a suitable home. I am willing to pay and intake fee and/or provide his new owner with a few months of dog food to get them started.