Tuesday, January 17, 2012

UPDATE - ADOPTED!!Two 11 year old purebred English Setter sisters need rescue or home

The contact is Nora at noralinstrom@hotmail.com

 These two 11 year old English Setters are sisters and they have been raised in West Virginia mostly outdoors in a run. They were probably used for hunting. They are 11 yrs old and must be adopted together as they have always been together. They are eager to be walked outdoors but when brought in they like to lay around on their beds. I watched them get up and down and they didn't seem to have any hip problems for old gals. Very sweet dispositions.  They were adopted and returned because of health problems of the adopters, not the two dogs.  Please help these two girls get a loving forever home where they can live out their retirement in style.  The contact is Nora at noralinstrom@hotmail.com for more information.