Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gooser, an Old Coonhound left with no food/water by side of road tied up needs home or rescue

 If you can help this dog, please contact Rosy at  sponsorship money for $100 is available for a reputable rescue org.

Another old dog now needs some help to get to rescue: Gooser. Here's his story from Rosy Cozart, Shelter Director of Wetzel County Animal Shelter (

Gooser- Ol' sweet coonhound we obtained after seeing it early on a frosty morning in someone's yard... wrapped around a tree tree just staring @ the road... it was very cold.. no food/water/ and could not get to it's makeshift shelter.. it was reaching and licking the top of it's dog box to get the frost off of it for liquid. Very very thin and very dehydrated. When we put him in the van in the carrier he wrapped the towel into the corner and laid his head on it and just laid down.. he was so tired and so thankful. When we arrived @ the shelter we stuffed a box with straw in his covered kennel, and gave him a kuranda and fresh food and water. He was so exhausted but in his box and peeked out at us and every now and then gave a howl of thanks. We have no luck finding homes for coonhounds. Well, not Quality Homes... Sad. If you can help this dog, please contact Rosy at

Gooser  (left photos) before being rescued. he can't even go into dog house, no food or water. please rescue him!