Monday, January 30, 2012

Henry the senior hound needs a home or rescue! location is Kentucky

Meet Henry the senior hound. He is 65 lbs. His age is 8-10 with emphasis on the 10. He is great with kids and women and female dogs. He is also fine with men, but right now he doesn't see a man very often.

He can live with other dogs but is not good with male dogs. He is an alpha male and right now, he is with 2 females and all is very harmonious. Can't even begin to guess his breed. Part of me says cur....and maybe a bit of basset in the face....I have had folks say Red Tick but I am not sure. 
 Henry has been neutered, HW tested, rabies, DHLPPC and I worm regularly with Drontal Plus. If you are intersted in rescuing Henry OR apply to adopt then please email Susan at

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rescue or home needed for Finne and Sawyer, Jack Russel and LongHaired Mix located in CT

Finnie and Sawyer need a new home together or a rescue that is willing to take them together and not separate them for a new home. Sawyer is an 11 year old gorgeous black and tan mutt. He weighs about 75 pounds, is neutered, and every ounce is sweetheart. He is a bit neurotic, however, and chews his leg until when he’s anxious. Finnie is 7, a spayed Irish Jack Russell and weighs about 25 pounds. She's also a sweetie, but is skittish around new people. Once she warms-up she is an absolute darling. Finnie has never been by herself and the two of them are a real team, they’ve been together since Finnie was 4 months old. They are both up to date on shots. I need to find them a good loving home together. It's going to break my heart, but it will be better for the three of us.  Owner does not have enough tme to spend with them and they need a new home where people are around more.  Both dogs are healthy.  please email if you want to adopt or if you can rescue them. They are located with owner in  Woodbury, CT.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Rescue needed for Gabby 11 year old shepherd/rottiei mix in PA

Griffin Pond Animal Shelter - South Abington Twp, PA!


This is our Senior Girl Gabby, who's owners brought her there in November after having her for 11 years, because they decided they wanted a smaller dog, so they took Gabby to the pound. HOW SAD! Gabby is spunky, in great health for her age and has no medical issues. You will be amazed when you meet her. Gabby is eleven years old, female rottie mix, she is great with dogs, cats, and kids, they said she has a great personality.
Gabby is spayed and up to date on shots
and she's probably about 65 lbs.

Friday, January 20, 2012

UPDATE- ADOPTED BY Fosters a senior blind german shorthaired pointer - very sweet!!!

 Meet Flyer.  Flyer is an 11 year old senior male german shorthaired pointer who is blind.  The current fosters say: My husband and I have been fostering a blind German Short Haired Pointer. His name is Flyer. He is the sweetest, most gentle dog I have ever met. We adopted him out to a single man and he recently gave him back due to his disability. Due to financial hardships we can no longer keep fostering him and are looking for a new foster or rescue or permanent adopter for Flyer.  He is good with dogs, cats and children.  He is located in Burlington, CT.  If you can help Flyer, who is 11 years old, please email

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Adopt Tyson, at shelter in CT for TWO YEARS!!! Needs a chance at a real home!

 Tyson is a 10-year-old neutered male Labrador Retriever mix who possibly is mixed with some hound. In his previous home, Tyson was expected to be a watchdog and a family pet, creating a confusion in him about how to act. He is very much the cuddly and affectionate dog that he appears to be in his pictures, but he also has a protective nature and is suspicious of strangers. Quick to judge whom he trusts or doesn't, you know where you stand with him right away. If he judges you trustworthy, and if you're dog-savvy and enjoy leisurely walks, please consider giving this boy a few happy senior years. Tyson is quiet and housebroken. He enjoys treats, naps, attention and walks. Tyson has spent the last 2 years at the Stamford Animal Shelter and deserves a chance for a fuller life.

Tyson is 70 lbs. and 18" in shoulder height.
This pet is Pets for Patriots eligible, which entitles eligible military professionals and veterans to discounted medical care for the life of this pet, through partner veterinarians.
Please email tyson's contact for more info and for adoption info:

Adopt Barley - 7 year old mixed breed dog needs to be only pet in CT  WATCH MY VIDEO!

Meet Barley - his stats -Mixed breed, 65lbs

7 years old
Up to date on shots, neutered, microchipped, housebroken
Fostered in Greenwich, CT
Best as an only pet
Pets for Patriots elibigle
Good with teens and older, not yet tested around small children
He's a wonderful boy who will quietly keep you company around the house, but can certainly keep up with zeal on walks, hikes, or games of fetch. Currently in foster care in CT.  love to ride in cars, and I'm content just lounging in the same room with you on my dog bed or playing with a tennis ball. When I want to relax, I'll go into my crate, not on your furniture. When you call me to cuddle, you'll love how soft my fur is, though you won't see me shed much. I'm a loyal, solid companion. I love people, but will need training to be friendly with dogs. I'm housebroken, up to date on shots, neutered and microchipped.

Please email my contact person:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

UPDATE - ADOPTED!!Two 11 year old purebred English Setter sisters need rescue or home

The contact is Nora at

 These two 11 year old English Setters are sisters and they have been raised in West Virginia mostly outdoors in a run. They were probably used for hunting. They are 11 yrs old and must be adopted together as they have always been together. They are eager to be walked outdoors but when brought in they like to lay around on their beds. I watched them get up and down and they didn't seem to have any hip problems for old gals. Very sweet dispositions.  They were adopted and returned because of health problems of the adopters, not the two dogs.  Please help these two girls get a loving forever home where they can live out their retirement in style.  The contact is Nora at for more information.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Adopt Lumpy, PB 7 year old male yellow labrador retriever - Burlington Co. Animal Shelter, NJ

D45916 - This is Lumpy, a sweet, affectionate, 7 year old guy that came in as a stray with a red collar on, but no tag. He is very attentive and seems like a great companion. He is very loving and can just imagine him sitting at your feet keeping you company or cuddling with you on the sofa on a cold night. Please don't let this sweet one end up as many of them do. With out a loving home it could be worse. Come visit Lumpy and find out how much love he can give you and you can give in return! He deserves it!
Please contact Burlington County Animal Shelter, Mount Holly, NJ or email


Adopt Tiger, a 13 year old labrador/shepherd mix at Burlington Co. Animal Shelter in NJ

D06453- Tiger is a wonderfully brindled colored Lab/Shepherd mix! He is a senior at 13 years old, but still has a lot of spunk! He was surrendered due to hardship and is having some trouble adapting to the noisy world of an animal shelter. His former owner's say he wonderfull with adults, children, babies and other dogs, but is a little bit shy. But Tiger loves his meaty treats, especially beef and chicken. Please don't let this older guy spend his last years in a shelter. I am sure you woudn't want to. Please come visit Tiger and give him a new home so he can grow older with folks that will love him as he will love you.  
Burlington County Animal Shelter, Mount Holly, NJ

609-265-5073 or email

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gooser, an Old Coonhound left with no food/water by side of road tied up needs home or rescue

 If you can help this dog, please contact Rosy at  sponsorship money for $100 is available for a reputable rescue org.

Another old dog now needs some help to get to rescue: Gooser. Here's his story from Rosy Cozart, Shelter Director of Wetzel County Animal Shelter (

Gooser- Ol' sweet coonhound we obtained after seeing it early on a frosty morning in someone's yard... wrapped around a tree tree just staring @ the road... it was very cold.. no food/water/ and could not get to it's makeshift shelter.. it was reaching and licking the top of it's dog box to get the frost off of it for liquid. Very very thin and very dehydrated. When we put him in the van in the carrier he wrapped the towel into the corner and laid his head on it and just laid down.. he was so tired and so thankful. When we arrived @ the shelter we stuffed a box with straw in his covered kennel, and gave him a kuranda and fresh food and water. He was so exhausted but in his box and peeked out at us and every now and then gave a howl of thanks. We have no luck finding homes for coonhounds. Well, not Quality Homes... Sad. If you can help this dog, please contact Rosy at

Gooser  (left photos) before being rescued. he can't even go into dog house, no food or water. please rescue him!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vinny and Finn, Two beautiful senior tonkinese cats need home or rescue

 Vinnie and Finn are beautiful 14 year-old male Tonkinese cats.

They have great personalities and are in excellent health.
Because of allergies with a child they must find a new home.
They are indoor cats and have lived in small apartment style living their whole lives.
please email if you are interested in adopting them or rescuing them.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

URGENT home or rescue needed for senior emaciated JINDO found on street in brookly ny

I rescued Benjamin, a very old, very good-natured dog from traffic last wednesday - I found him wandering in between cars on Foster Ave near my house. He was very emaciated and confused, and I thought perhaps he had been hit by a car. I took him to the vet at the Humane Society clinic in midtown and they did bloodwork and ran a stool sample. The results are back and normal, no parasites, and he's negative for heart worm. The vet who saw him said his hind leg weakness was more likely from old-age, athritis, and/or malnutrition. He weighs 36 lbs, as of wednesday, but his ideal weight is probably more like at least 50.  He had no micro  I don't think anyone had been taking care of him for a long time. He's very sweet and good-natured with people and so far as I have seen other dogs as well. He is intact, according to the vet neutering will be a possibility if he's able to achieve a more healthy weight. I can only keep him short term and am seeking an adopter or a rescue organization willing to take him.  He might be around 12, but that is a guess.
If you are interested in adopting or rescuing benjamin, please email from Senior Pets NYC and you will be put in touch with his caretaker.