Friday, December 23, 2011

Senior Dogs Who Need Homes or Foster homes at Philadelphia SPCA

These senior dogs could sure use a break!  Can't Adopt? then how about fostering an older laid back dog?
here are some of the current senior dogs that would LOVE to be with you for the holidays and maybe even longer.  Contact: if you can help!

Sha Sha - URGENT

Sha Sha (14328825) is a schnauzer type mix that was surrendered to the shelter because now that she's 12 years old, her owners no longer have time for her. Poor Sha Sha is clearly missing her family! She had lived with children and other dogs, so she's quite lonely here in a kennel all by herself. According to her former owner, Sha Sha is crate trained and loves to go for walks. She's energetic for a old girl, but also likes to just lay by your feet. She has some minor hair loss due to fleas and her fur is a bit matted. This poor senior girl deserves to be loved again! Seniors decline quickly at the shelter and deserve a chance to live out their golden years- Sha Sha needs rescue ASAP!

Charlie - URGENT
Poor Charlie (14490004) was found emaciated and filthy in an abandon house. It's pretty clear that he hasn't been cared for in quite a while, but Charlie has a ton of love to give. He's a big brindle Cane Corso, around 7-10 years old.

Poor King (14492542), a male 13 year old German Shepherd- Chow mix, was abandoned by his owner when they moved out, and sadly for King, he had to come here. King is not thrilled with being here, and is too scared to solicit attention or open up to anyone--can you blame him? After 13 years in one home, he suddenly found himself in one of the loudest and most stressful environments a dog, of any age, could be in! King would certainly be happy to have a grooming--he has mats all around his neck and up behind his ears. Please don't leave this old man here...King deserves his home again!

MONET (A14436742) here! Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you that I'm staying at ACCT for a little bit till I find my family. So, about me, I'm an adult (about seven years old) Terrier/Pit Bull Mix that my owners could no longer afford to keep. I'm pretty good with other dogs, in fact, I came in with another dog. If you already have a dog, ask my friends at ACCT about bringing him/her in to meet me! I'm not very interested in cats, so maybe I could live with them too! Really I'm just a friendly gal who needs a fresh start! I know I'm a little big for a lap dog, but sometimes I can't help myself, I just
LOVE to cuddle!

URGENT: Bubba is a senior shepherd mix who came to the shelter in the beginning of October 2011.

When Bubba's owner died, his neighbor took him in but was unable to care for him.
Bubba is most likely house broken and seems to like other dogs. He seeks affection from people and wants to nuzzle his head into your lap.
Unfortunately, Bubba has not had an easy life and wasn't cared for very well.
He has horrible teeth and has difficulty eating hard food. He is blind in one eye, from a cataract.
He has open sores on his back, legs, and neck.
They are irritated and because of this, he scratches, which has made them even worse.
Bubba is currently on medication for the infections.
Additionally, one of Bubba's hind legs is not functioning correctly and he either doesn't use it,
or it bends at the knee and is flat on the ground.
Bubba is desperate to get out of the shelter into a home where he can be comfortable in his golden years.

BATMAN! This older gentleman is just a happy-go-lucky shepherd.

While he is obviously overweight, he loves to prance around and chase balls.
Batman is good with other dogs and can be tested with cats.
Batman is likely housebroken, comes when called, and is great with all kinds of body handling.
Batman would make the perfect companion for someone who is looking for a dog to lounge around with
or even a family looking to add another member. Batman is already neutered and can go home today!