Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Foster or Adopt Special Needs kitty age 7 named OREO really cute black white cat

OREO Needs Home or Rescue ASAP
CONTACT: Dina, at Hooch0312@yahoo.com

Oreo (7-yr. old neutered male) was brought to the vet by his family a few months ago because he seemed sick and wasn't himself...he was diagnosed as diabetic, and the family was told what needed to be done: a brief hospitalization to regulate the blood, and that he would be insulin dependent afterward. The biggest expense is the few days in the hospital, but after the initial care, it isn't expensive to keep a diabetic cat on insulin in the long term. They took him home and did not vet him.

Today, they brought him back, much thinner, sicker, and declined treatment for him (picture was taken today, 12/19/2011). They opted to euthanize him, instead. Our vet and the caring staff felt that this kitty is treatable and that he can live a healthy life with an owner who is willing to give him insulin--they do NOT want to euthanize him. They had the family sign him over into their care, and they will hospitalize him and get his blood sugar back in line. They are hoping a rescue or family is out there to take him--QUICKLY.
Insulin is not expensive, and the vet staff can help teach any new family or rescue how to give insulin--it is VERY SIMPLE! You would be given instruction on feeding and diet. It is also a GREAT PLUS that this cat is not overweight, as many diabetic cats are!
There will be NO CHARGE for the medical care, courtesy of our caring Vet, they just want to see him saved and go to someone who will love him!
Time is of the essence, as he cannot stay at the hospital for long!
Please Contact Dina directly at Hooch0312@yahoo.com