Monday, December 19, 2011

BLU a 10 year old male labrador retriever needs urgent foster or forever home no other dogs - Cornwall NY

contact:  Sarah at

Hi Sarah with OCC All Retriever Rescue in Cornwall NY. We took in an owner surrender last Sunday Blu a soon to be 10 year old black male lab. Owner had cancer and can no longer care for him. He is confused but settles and is a GREAT dog. We had blood work done and everything came back great, except he does have Lyme which we are treating him for.
Blu is 139 lbs and is great with people but seems to be bipolar when it comes to other dogs. He does great with most but than when he is done he is done and snapped at the fosters dogs. We were told he was good with other dogs when we took him in. Owner is in the hospital .We do not have any foster home without dogs so I have no where for him to go. We were going to pay to kennel him but he has never been crated and he freaked out trying to chew the kennel's wire, barking non stop.
We are trying to find a foster or forever home for him with no other pets, if you know anyone who might be able to help us we would beyond appreciate your help.