Friday, November 25, 2011

Three Senior Dogs at Liberty Humane Society in NJ need homes or rescue

 Conan (9-10 yrs, neutered male, pit bull mix): is an older pit mix, who has been us since September. He's sweet old gentle soul with a heart of gold. He's good with most dogs but he really relishes human attention. No handling or food guarding issues. Conan is somewhere around 9-10 years. His hips have a low range of motion so he does have trouble with stairs. Upon physical exam our vet felt and rotated his hips & fortunately concluded that while his motion is limited he's not in any pain. Conan is incontinent though. Because of this he has been adopted out & returned, as well as immediately returned from foster homes expressing interest. We're worried that we won't be able to find a home willing to take on a project like Conan & we don't want him to continue to wallow away in a cage all day. His petfinder bio is here:

 This chow chow is JoJo. Before and after pics to the left.
 (14 yrs, Male intact, Chow Chow): Poor, poor Jojo. Yesterday his guardians decided to bring him in for euthanasia. Besides entering the facility all rigidity and matted, he seemed to be in good spirits. Something just wasn't adding up. When asked why they wanted to sign him over for euthanasia, his former guardians replied that they just didn't have time for him anymore. They said he didn't have any health problems, but that his hips are bad & he does have trouble with stairs, but they just can't deal with him anymore. Even though Jojo is 14 yrs old, we figured we shouldn't just give up on him just yet! He doesn't seem like he's ready to give up himself, so it was decided he wouldn't be euthanized. Liberty Humane Society may not be in a position to provide him with what he needs in his final years, we figured we have to at least reach out & see if there is someone out there for him -- even if his former guardians won't. Jojo aced his behavior eval. He's not your typical stoic Chow Chow, oh no! Although he's a little painful in the hind end & distracted in this shelter, he seems to enjoy human company quite well. He's low-key & loves to have his head massaged & rubbed. No resource guarding issues either. He was immediately sent up to the groomers yesterday to get a new hairdo, & some much need relief. Attached are some quick before & after pics. Please share with all your senior & chow chow contacts!

Meet Tyrone aka Tyrus.
Tyrus (14-16 yrs, Male intact, Pit Bull Mix): Tyrus came to us on 11/19/11 on a day when owner surrenders were coming in left & right. When his former guardians were asked why they we're getting rid of Tyrus we were provided with a slew of reasons ranging from: new baby, can't afford, to can't handle anymore. There was also conflicting info on age. It was one baffling owner surrender! The staff did follow-up the next day to try & get confirmation on which age listed was correct, and were told at that time that he could be anywhere from 13-16 yrs. Tyrus's surrender profile revealed that he was regularly left alone for 5-6 hrs a day, seemed content when alone, is house broken, described as lazy, friendly with kids, playful with strangers, accustomed to brushing, gets along with other animals, and has no history of any behavior or medical problems. Tyrus did amazing on his behavior eval as well. He definitely has plenty of spunk left and he looooves tennis balls! He's hips aren't the greatest either, but he gets around just fine. No food guarding or any signs of aggression what-so-ever. There is just something about Tyrus that is very enamoring! I dare you to meet him, and not to fall in love.