Friday, November 18, 2011

Big Grey Cat needs indoor home or rescue, senior male losing fur living outside in Phil PA

Meet "Big Gray." He's old and has been around the neighborhood for quite some time he is very gentle and social (wants to come in the house all the time and always rubs my legs) so I believe he was once owned by someone. After I had him neutered by Forgotten Cats in September he started losing his hair-could it be hormonal because of the testostorone loss? Anyway he looks pretty bad but he has beautiful clear emerald green eyes and an all grey coat (what's left of it). (my photos are bad-everytime I aimed he would follow after me!) He enjoys eating and curls up in the makeshift shelter on my back porch. He really needs a warm home before Winter-I am very worried for him since he has lost most of his coat. I really do not want him put down-he has lots of life left in him-he just needs a warm home and a caring person. If you know anyone who takes in old or "special needs" cats please show them his photo. I would appreciate anything your organization can do to help. Thank you-Michelle
P.S.-I would be willing to help pay for his food if someone reputable would take him in.