Monday, November 28, 2011

Apollo, in shelter for a year, nice black lab X needs foster or forever home! location PA

 Apollo is ten years old, he ended up at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter after his owner of ten years died. Apollo and another dog, a Great Dane, were left without an owner. The Great Dane was placed in a home right away, and poor Apollo sits in the pound. He is not neutered, he is up to date on his shots. He is not your typical ten year old, you would never guess he was ten, he is very energetic and active. He has the cutest fuzzy face, with a hint of gray. He has gone through some training, which I took him to. He will sit, lay down and stay if you work with him to remember. He does pull when he walks for the first fifteen minutes, then he will slow down and walk beside you, he just needs to get the restless out of his system when he first comes out of the cage, then he walks well. He does get along with other dogs, the trainer and I tested him and we had him in a play area with other dogs and he was fine. Also when I was training with him, he was fine with all the other dogs, and the other owners adored him and felt bad for him because of his story. He doesn't care for cats, but I don't know if he would harm them. I think he is just interested in chasing them. He is a good boy, he loves to have his backend scratched, he will stand there and sway his butt back and forth when you are scratching him. He also likes to walk through small puddles, it is so cute. The poor fellow doesn't know what has happened. He went from a great home to sitting in the pound without his Great Dane buddy, and his owner. I try and get there and walk him as much as I can, but he needs more attention, and has been at the pound for a while now. I am hoping this story and his pictures will help get him out of the pound and into a good permanent home or a foster home. please contact if you can help him!