Thursday, November 3, 2011

Adopt Bailey, and 8 yr old 13" male lemon beagle owner surrender due to economy

Meet Bailey. This adorable 13" male beagle is 8 years old.  Bailey's owner has had him since he was a puppy.  Due to the economy she must move in with relatives and Bailey cannot come.  She is truly heartbroken and asked everyone she knows to adopt him.  No one would.  Look at this face!!! 
Bailey is a really good dog.   He is not a barker or howler but will give a little "yip" if he needs to go out.
He definitely could live in an apartment!  He gets along with dogs and likes to play.  Too interested in the kitties.  He knows the names of his toys and will bring the one you ask for!  How cute is this????
He is good sitting for his bath, he is on heartworm and frontline.  He has sensitive skin and was allergic to a plant, but this plant is not native in the northeast.  His overall healty is excellent.  Neutered and microchipped, Bailey is ready to move in with you.  Please email for adoption application.  Bailey will be relocating from the south so he is not currently in the northeast area.  Rescue groups welcome to rescue this adorable boy!