Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Adopt Oliver, an adorable senior dog abandoned in PA at a high school -good with cats

Hi my name is Oliver and I am approximately 10 years old. I was found near the Hollidaysburg Senior High School. I am scared and really want my family to come and pick me up. If they don't come, I will need a warm bed and lots of love. I am very nice and calm, and I know how to sit. I love to get attention and be petted.  Please adopt me so I can have a home by Christmas!  I am good with cats if you have cats and only weigh 37 pounds!!!To adopt me, please contact -  I am in Altoona, PA

Monday, November 28, 2011

Apollo, in shelter for a year, nice black lab X needs foster or forever home! location PA

 Apollo is ten years old, he ended up at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter after his owner of ten years died. Apollo and another dog, a Great Dane, were left without an owner. The Great Dane was placed in a home right away, and poor Apollo sits in the pound. He is not neutered, he is up to date on his shots. He is not your typical ten year old, you would never guess he was ten, he is very energetic and active. He has the cutest fuzzy face, with a hint of gray. He has gone through some training, which I took him to. He will sit, lay down and stay if you work with him to remember. He does pull when he walks for the first fifteen minutes, then he will slow down and walk beside you, he just needs to get the restless out of his system when he first comes out of the cage, then he walks well. He does get along with other dogs, the trainer and I tested him and we had him in a play area with other dogs and he was fine. Also when I was training with him, he was fine with all the other dogs, and the other owners adored him and felt bad for him because of his story. He doesn't care for cats, but I don't know if he would harm them. I think he is just interested in chasing them. He is a good boy, he loves to have his backend scratched, he will stand there and sway his butt back and forth when you are scratching him. He also likes to walk through small puddles, it is so cute. The poor fellow doesn't know what has happened. He went from a great home to sitting in the pound without his Great Dane buddy, and his owner. I try and get there and walk him as much as I can, but he needs more attention, and has been at the pound for a while now. I am hoping this story and his pictures will help get him out of the pound and into a good permanent home or a foster home. please contact if you can help him!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Three Senior Dogs at Liberty Humane Society in NJ need homes or rescue

 Conan (9-10 yrs, neutered male, pit bull mix): is an older pit mix, who has been us since September. He's sweet old gentle soul with a heart of gold. He's good with most dogs but he really relishes human attention. No handling or food guarding issues. Conan is somewhere around 9-10 years. His hips have a low range of motion so he does have trouble with stairs. Upon physical exam our vet felt and rotated his hips & fortunately concluded that while his motion is limited he's not in any pain. Conan is incontinent though. Because of this he has been adopted out & returned, as well as immediately returned from foster homes expressing interest. We're worried that we won't be able to find a home willing to take on a project like Conan & we don't want him to continue to wallow away in a cage all day. His petfinder bio is here:

 This chow chow is JoJo. Before and after pics to the left.
 (14 yrs, Male intact, Chow Chow): Poor, poor Jojo. Yesterday his guardians decided to bring him in for euthanasia. Besides entering the facility all rigidity and matted, he seemed to be in good spirits. Something just wasn't adding up. When asked why they wanted to sign him over for euthanasia, his former guardians replied that they just didn't have time for him anymore. They said he didn't have any health problems, but that his hips are bad & he does have trouble with stairs, but they just can't deal with him anymore. Even though Jojo is 14 yrs old, we figured we shouldn't just give up on him just yet! He doesn't seem like he's ready to give up himself, so it was decided he wouldn't be euthanized. Liberty Humane Society may not be in a position to provide him with what he needs in his final years, we figured we have to at least reach out & see if there is someone out there for him -- even if his former guardians won't. Jojo aced his behavior eval. He's not your typical stoic Chow Chow, oh no! Although he's a little painful in the hind end & distracted in this shelter, he seems to enjoy human company quite well. He's low-key & loves to have his head massaged & rubbed. No resource guarding issues either. He was immediately sent up to the groomers yesterday to get a new hairdo, & some much need relief. Attached are some quick before & after pics. Please share with all your senior & chow chow contacts!

Meet Tyrone aka Tyrus.
Tyrus (14-16 yrs, Male intact, Pit Bull Mix): Tyrus came to us on 11/19/11 on a day when owner surrenders were coming in left & right. When his former guardians were asked why they we're getting rid of Tyrus we were provided with a slew of reasons ranging from: new baby, can't afford, to can't handle anymore. There was also conflicting info on age. It was one baffling owner surrender! The staff did follow-up the next day to try & get confirmation on which age listed was correct, and were told at that time that he could be anywhere from 13-16 yrs. Tyrus's surrender profile revealed that he was regularly left alone for 5-6 hrs a day, seemed content when alone, is house broken, described as lazy, friendly with kids, playful with strangers, accustomed to brushing, gets along with other animals, and has no history of any behavior or medical problems. Tyrus did amazing on his behavior eval as well. He definitely has plenty of spunk left and he looooves tennis balls! He's hips aren't the greatest either, but he gets around just fine. No food guarding or any signs of aggression what-so-ever. There is just something about Tyrus that is very enamoring! I dare you to meet him, and not to fall in love.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter 2011 (Volume 6: Issue 4)

In This Issue:
Cover Pets: Baldo, Rina, Greyboy
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Dog Owners
Cartoon by Alexis Antelman
Featured Senior Dogs: Comet, Daniel, Misty, Precious
Adopt A Black Dog!!!
Senior Dogs and Cats for Adoption
Boogie's Tales
Go Fetch! By Bodie

View newsletter (PDF)...

Adopt Kia, great 7 year old female PB Yellow labrador

 Kia, a 7 year old female yellow lab is in need of a new home.  She is well trained, goes "potty" on command and is great with kids of all ages.  She gets along with both dogs and cats and only issues a "woof" when there is someone at the door to alert you to a visitor.  She knows both verbal and hand signal commands for: sit, stay, come, lie down, roll over, play dead, high five and will wait to eat her food until you give the "go ahead" command.  She's a sweet girl who loves to cuddle.  Kia loves to be outside: in the summer to swim and in the winter with her snow boots playing in the snow.  She is more white than yellow and has a pink nose.  Kia is on a heartguard and frontline routine monthly.  Sadly we are in the military and cannot take her on our next move. please email if you are interested in adopting this wonderful dog!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Big Grey Cat needs indoor home or rescue, senior male losing fur living outside in Phil PA

Meet "Big Gray." He's old and has been around the neighborhood for quite some time he is very gentle and social (wants to come in the house all the time and always rubs my legs) so I believe he was once owned by someone. After I had him neutered by Forgotten Cats in September he started losing his hair-could it be hormonal because of the testostorone loss? Anyway he looks pretty bad but he has beautiful clear emerald green eyes and an all grey coat (what's left of it). (my photos are bad-everytime I aimed he would follow after me!) He enjoys eating and curls up in the makeshift shelter on my back porch. He really needs a warm home before Winter-I am very worried for him since he has lost most of his coat. I really do not want him put down-he has lots of life left in him-he just needs a warm home and a caring person. If you know anyone who takes in old or "special needs" cats please show them his photo. I would appreciate anything your organization can do to help. Thank you-Michelle
P.S.-I would be willing to help pay for his food if someone reputable would take him in.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

URGENT 100 cats found in cages no food/water on glen cover LI

Nov 16

Long Island NY
*Clinic is Sunday Nov 20
Glen Cove, NY
*Glen Cove Animal Lovers League
The contact person for volunteers is Dottie at 631-220-2253.

Glenn Cove Animal Lover's League needs techs and could use an extra vet for a spay/neuter clinic for the 100 cats found caged, no food no water on a preserve in Nassau. Most of them are not spayed/neutered. I will be there volunteering all day. The clinic will run from 9 to 3 (maybe longer), this Sunday, Nov 20. As of now they have NO techs. They need techs to draw blood for testing and help with other medical needs.
This is the article on the cats:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Senior Male Labrador Retriever needs rescue or foster/home

The New Britain dog pound picked-up a dog on the street last week. It is a male, senior black Labrador. Said to be a sweet dog, but he is old. The owner could not be located and his time is up at the pound.

If anyone has interest in fostering this sweet old man, please email me as soon as possible. He doesn't have much time left. Since he is a senior, he may be a long term foster. So please keep that in mind before you volunteer to foster him. 
Christine Paulson, Foster Home Coordinator
Sadie Mae Foundation Animal Rescue League Inc.

Adopt Lady, an oh so cute female senior shih tzu in NYC

Meet Lady!  Lady is an absolute angel that will be a great match for a calm, gentle family with kids over age 9. This 13 year old senior Shih Tzu mix was abandoned to a municipal shelter. When Lady came to Bideawee, she was swiftly given surgery for a prolapsed eye lid called cherry eye, as well as the removal of two benign masses. She is doing very well now and has a clean bill of health. Lady is partially housebroken and will use wee-wee pads. She weighs 17 pounds, and seems to be friendly with other gentle, calm animals.

Audrey Fisher
Adoption Outreach Coordinator
                                                                                     212.532.4455 x7264
                                                                                     410 E. 38th Street NY NY

Saturday, November 12, 2011

9 year old Fedinand needs a home been in a shelter for a year - Branford CT

 Ferdinand is at the Branford shelter. He is a total love bug of a Rotti! He likes other dogs and barks at cats (but is too slow to do anything). He is neutered, vaccinated and heartworm free. He was hit by a car earlier this year and required three surgeries, which we did all of them. He is such a big love bug and I am hoping he can find a home.  see link for his page .He will be here a year in January and he so deserves to be in a place that is heated in the winter instead of sleeping in the kennel- Thanks so much in advance!

want to adopt Ferdinand or want more info: email:

Jackpot and Sheba, home fell through still in boarding - need foster or home owner died suddenly

 Meet Jackpot and Sheba. they are bonded companion dogs whose owner died suddenly.  The home we thought we had for them just fell through so they continue to be in boarding.  Urgently need a foster home or adopter for these two great dogs!  Because they are senior dogs we are having a hard time finding them a forever home and are relying on donations to help with their vet care and boarding costs. We are running out of funds for their care until home

can be found.  If you know someone who is interested in adopting Jackpot & Sheba please contact me. These 2 sweet seniors are still full of life and love !! They are both as sweet and loving as can be. Sheba (15) is full of life she is house trained but with 15 year olds accidents can happen as I'm sure you know. Jackpot (11) has some arthritis, but I believe a natural arthritis remedy would be fine for him.   If you can offer a home or foster home or contribute to their boarding care, please contact:   OR Joanne at

Monday, November 7, 2011

Join in the Virtual Old Dog Walk ends November 20th!

Virtual Old Dog Walk 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011 at 12:00 AM
Virtual Old Dog Walk
Any Town USA,
Contact : Erika Mathews
In honor of November’s Adopt-a-Senior-Dog Month, The Grey Muzzle Organization is hosting a Virtual Old Dog Walk on November 19th for senior dogs!
You can decide what special activity you’d like to do on November 19th, in honor of an old dog. Maybe it’s a walk – real or virtual, long or short – maybe it’s a snuggle or a special treat. Then ask your friends and family to sponsor you and help at-risk senior dogs. You can be on the team as easily as taking a stroll to your computer. You don’t even need your sneakers for this event!
This easy, fun event allows anyone, even dogs who can’t walk that mile physically but are willing and able at heart, to raise funds for their kindred spirits waiting alone in shelters for a second chance at a comfortable life.
Please help senior dogs in need by participating in our Virtual Old Dog Walk today! We’ll tally the donations at the end of the day on November 19th. The total funds raised will be posted on the Grey Muzzle website in early December. The senior dog lover raising the most funds will receive a certificate suitable for framing and a Grey Muzzle t-shirt!
It’s fun, fast and EASY! Just click JOIN NOW up above and create your own fundraising page! Remember to email it to your friends, family, veterinarians, groomers and colleagues to raise much needed funds for The Grey Muzzle Organization. You can also sponsor Thomas (pictured), our Virtual Old Dog Walk mascot.

Funds raised will support Grey Muzzle’s programs such as hospice care, senior dog adoption, medical screening, and other special programs to help old dogs at animal welfare organizations across the country.
Senior dogs have a wisdom and a world view that pups and young dogs don’t have. To get to know them and experience that first hand is something that people who have rescued older dogs say is beyond measure.
Celebrate old dogs by “walking” today!

Remember, if you can’t set up your own fundraising page, you can still be on our senior dog team and cheer for our mascot, Thomas. Thomas is a Grey Muzzle grant recipient from Blind Dog Rescue. He’s about ten years old (but who’s counting?), a little deaf, partially blind, but there’s nothing wrong with his heart (literally or figuratively). He’s full of love and good with dogs, kids, and cats. So who better to represent and inspire the Grey Muzzle team? Sponsor Thomas today!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Adopt Lena, a female shepherd/chow chow mix 8 years old in NYC


Lena is a social and loving Shepherd/Chow Chow mix that is energetic and lively despite her age, which is approximately 8 years old. Lena weighs 45 pounds and came to Bideawee via a municipal shelter, where she was taken in as a stray. Lena seems to get along with other dogs and is somewhat housebroken, but her new family will need to continue working with her on this. She does need an experienced family with kids over 9, since she does  seem to have moderate resource guarding with food, bones, and pigs' ears.

email : Audrey Fisher
Adoption Outreach Coordinator
Bideawee, Manhattan

410 E. 38th Street New York, NY

Adopt Bailey, and 8 yr old 13" male lemon beagle owner surrender due to economy

Meet Bailey. This adorable 13" male beagle is 8 years old.  Bailey's owner has had him since he was a puppy.  Due to the economy she must move in with relatives and Bailey cannot come.  She is truly heartbroken and asked everyone she knows to adopt him.  No one would.  Look at this face!!! 
Bailey is a really good dog.   He is not a barker or howler but will give a little "yip" if he needs to go out.
He definitely could live in an apartment!  He gets along with dogs and likes to play.  Too interested in the kitties.  He knows the names of his toys and will bring the one you ask for!  How cute is this????
He is good sitting for his bath, he is on heartworm and frontline.  He has sensitive skin and was allergic to a plant, but this plant is not native in the northeast.  His overall healty is excellent.  Neutered and microchipped, Bailey is ready to move in with you.  Please email for adoption application.  Bailey will be relocating from the south so he is not currently in the northeast area.  Rescue groups welcome to rescue this adorable boy!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rally to Support Daniel's Law - End animal gas chambers in PA!

Preston, senior cat who is blind and declawed needs home or rescue - location CT


I live in a world of pitch-black darkness and had my claws taken from me. I had a family once, but was discarded outside in a rural area. I struggled and survived several terrifying weeks outside before a kind rescuer took me to a cat sanctuary in Greenwich. I am grateful to be safe, well-fed and receiving lots of TLC.

However, I’m sad and getting very frustrated. Because I am so vulnerable, I startle easily. Being around so many other cats is stressful. Two months have passed, and not a single person has shown interest in taking me home . I think I would be very comfortable in a small and quiet home, with a patient human to call my own. I was scrawny, with matted fur – now I look great (if I may say so myself). I am healthy, tested FIV/FELV negative, current on vaccinations, and neutered. The nice veterinarian suggested that I be given K-D food to make sure that my kidneys stay healthy. I'm about 9-10 years old and would love to be cherished for my remaining years in a real home. If given the chance, I promise to be a wonderful, loving, and loyal companion! If you are interested in opening your heart and home to me, please e-mail Natalie at . Adoption application/agreement and home check are required to insure my safety. Purrs and gratitude - Preston

Adopt Princess, lovely 7 year old female shepherd mix

hi, My name is Princess and I am true to my name. as I love to be petted and spoiled at 7 years old.

I am cute shepherd mix always with a smile on my face!
I am 50 pounds and take care of the little dogs in the household in my foster home.; I like to walk with them all, and make sure they are safe as I love to nurture dogs and cats. My foster mom laughs lovingly saying its like they are my children!

I have an adorable personality and a good girl in the house. I also live with cats and my favorite is Leo who I sleep curled up with. I am great with human children also. Spayed with all my up to date shots.
Please visit the website and download an adoption application for me!