Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rescue or Adopt 8 year old female schnauzer - hoarding victim

 Thistle BEFORE


We rescued some dogs from a hoarder last week and got them signed over today. One is an 8 yo sweet adorable Schnauzer girl almost completely blind due to cataracts. The cost of surgery is at least $3000. Thistle was tied outside to briar bushes alone starving with no food or water. Initially I wasn’t sure we could save her.  After the vet check, sedation, hours of shaving, bathing, de-fleaing, grooming:- she is a new girl! (see picture at left.)
Thistle is so unbelievably grateful for love and attention it breaks my heart. I didn’t think I would be impractical but Thistle is a relatively young vital loving girl who deserves so much more than life has dealt her. She doesn’t care that she is blind. She moves right along in a hurry to get to unknown places. A bump on the face doesn’t faze her one bit! She is an inspiration. And she just wiggles with joy and surprise when anyone actually gives her love, like it is all she has ever hoped for and her ever dream has come true! if you would like to rescue OR ADOPT Thistle, please contact:

Thistle deserves a second chance at a happy loving home!!