Monday, October 31, 2011

ELMO a 10 year old cat needs an indoor home!! located in Ewing NJ

Contact Melissa at

ELMO is a neutered, male, grey cat who is about 10 years old. He currently lives outside as part of a managed feral colony but he is a very friendly,
sweet, loving cat who desperately needs an indoor home now that he is getting on in years. ELMO is healthy but tends to get colds in the winter.
He would love to be nice and warm in a loving home. He has been the patriarch of the colony for many years watching over all the younger cats
and always accepting any new cats who join the colony. ELMO will step away
and let the other cats eat first and has truly been a father to everyone He is truly a gentle soul. ELMO would do well in a home with other cats as he seems to like all cats and he does not mind dogs. ELMO really deserves an indoor home so he can live out his senior years in comfort, peace, and good health. Please contact Melissa at  for more information or questions about ELMO. If you would like to adopt ELMO please email! Winter is coming and ELMO deserves a real home now!