Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bell needs a home, lovely 10 year old female golden retriever mix in NJ

 We have a dog that my brother's family left behind, and we need to find a home for her, maybe you can help. We left a message at the SPCA where they got her from in Philly. She is in NJ right now, her name is Bell. First, I must say, i love her, but can not keep her. She is supposedly ~10 years old, large dog, collie mix, golden long hair/white nose, paws, belly. Sweet, beautiful, potty-trained. Nudgy, wants to be pet lots and LOVES to eat. Runs, hikes, then huffs and puffs, she is a bit overweight. We have her on a good diet now, she is looking better. Seems happy.  History, that I know of: my brother & his family of 3 (kids are now 3, 5 & 8 +cat) adopted her frm a shelter for ~5 yrs. Previous owner was a senior citizen. I have to say she has been around so many kids, does great.. But she snatches food that is left out, like most dogs.  Has her shots up til next June.
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