Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Adopt Buddy, great senior cat who had a hard life in NJ

Buddy's eyes tell a sad story. He was abandoned outdoors by his family, being forced to fend for himself. Luckily he found himself in the backyard of a woman that fed local strays and managed to survive for a few years outside because of her kindness. But those few years ran a toll on Buddy and it shows when you look at him. He has scars all over him, his fur is dirty and he has an old wound on his hind leg. Buddy is finally safe, living indoors at the home of one of our volunteers. His fur looks cleaner every day. He is so thankful for everything you give him. He loves to eat and cuddle up on a big blanket in front of the heater. He love to be pet and falls asleep when you pet him for a long time. Buddy is a very low key cat. He likes to relax and would make a perfect companion. He also gets along with other cats. Please fill out an application today to give Buddy a chance at the good life he so deserves.  Buddy is with Eleventh hour rescue in NJ. please visit the site at http://www.ehrdogs.org/ or email