Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adopt Hercules - Male Senior Jack Russell Terrier - totally cute!!! Middletown, NY

Hercules came to Pets Alive from the CACC after being brought to the CACC by his former family who requested that he be euthanized for reasons that are beyond comprehension. After all of his years of having a home and a family, Hercules was completely terrified to end up in a kill shelter! Who can blame this little angel? Despite his fear and the unfairness of his situation, he was a good boy upon examination and was even willing to have a dental exam. Hercules has a beautiful healthy coat of white with rich brown and black, the markings of a typical Jack Russell Terrier. Hercules is so far from the typical JRT though! He is a noble little man with a heartbreaking story. One look into his eyes and you will wish that you were able to speak "dog" so he could tell you what he is feeling after being abandoned and sentenced to death for no valid reason. Certainly you would weep with him and hug him forever! He is still capable of joy, at his former shelter he was fast friends with some fetching female Maltese dogs. His tail was wagging at lightning speed and all of his troubles seemed to disappear. He loves to be petted and lavishes the attention.  please contact: http://admin.petsalive.com/webform/adoptadog  to fill out an adoption application or visit the site for more information at http://www.petsalive.com/