Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adopt Buddy - lovely labrador mix - special needs has epilepsy

 Buddy” is about a 6-year-old lab mix with epilepsy, controllable with medication 2x a day. The past year has been a stressful time for Buddy. His owner was diagnosed with cancer and was hospitalized for two months. During that time, Buddy moved in with a family member until his owner was discharged and joined them. But the reunion was short lived and three months later his owner lost her battle with cancer.

Buddy moved in with a new family that included a couple and their four children (ages 9-15), a cat and a rabbit. Buddy got along with everyone and it seemed like it would be a happy ending. Unfortunately, his new family has a busy on-the-go schedule and Buddy is being left alone a lot which is not helping his separation/anxiety issues. His current family is heartbroken that things are not working out, but realize they are not a good fit him. Buddy would probably do best with an adult or a couple who are home a lot or can take him with them most of the time. Maybe someone who is retired. Considering all the transition, confusion and loss he's experienced throughout this past year, Buddy needs some stable human companionship and an owner who is able and willing to consistently work with him.
Buddy is very sweet and gentle and gets along with children, adults and other animals. While his first owner was sick, he lived with and got along with three other dogs and two cats. He also had many "dog-park friends" and is fine meeting new people too. Buddy is also well-behaved off-leash and loves to swim.
please email Andrea at if you are interested in adopting this sweet dog!