Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today, my foster who has had Abby since June told me I have to find another foster. She had a notice on her apt. door that there is a strict 2 pet limit in her apts (which she knew about), and they are going to start enforcing it. She is afraid she will be evicted. Abby, my 12 year old doggie must go to another foster as soon as possible. Abby needs to be the only dog or supervised with only one other dog (which is current situation). She is fine with cats.

I am at my wit's end as to what to do with Abby. I do not want to put her to sleep.  I operate a cat rescue and am not knowledgeable about dogs nor do I have dog contacts. I've had worked my tail off since acquiring her in June. I raised funds thru a Chip In for her to get her examined, spayed, shots and a dental cleaning and thorough blood workup. She's in great health. My experience and contacts are completely with cat rescue work. I am out of my element trying to find her a home and obviously not doing a good job of it. I am very willing to make a sizeable donation to a rescue that can take her in. . Thanks for any help you can give.  PLEASE EMAIL:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gorgeous black/white female cat Meggie needs foster/rescue or adopter now!

please email:  if you can help Meggie!

 The foster for Meggie who is a sweet, gentle, adult cat is moving September 30 unexpectedly and cannot take Meggie with her, unfortunately.  Meggie is in good health and loves people. She would do great with someone who is home a lot or who is looking for company for another cat.  Meggie is located in upper manhattan.  Please contact Melissa at email above OR  Meggie needs a home or rescue this week. thanks!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Speaking of Dogs With Joan, Thursday Sept. 29th 6 pm

Tune in to to hear the show Speaking of Dogs With Joan at 6 pm - this week's guest is Jane Hoffman, President of The NYC Mayor's Alliance for Animals.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adopt Buddy - lovely labrador mix - special needs has epilepsy

 Buddy” is about a 6-year-old lab mix with epilepsy, controllable with medication 2x a day. The past year has been a stressful time for Buddy. His owner was diagnosed with cancer and was hospitalized for two months. During that time, Buddy moved in with a family member until his owner was discharged and joined them. But the reunion was short lived and three months later his owner lost her battle with cancer.

Buddy moved in with a new family that included a couple and their four children (ages 9-15), a cat and a rabbit. Buddy got along with everyone and it seemed like it would be a happy ending. Unfortunately, his new family has a busy on-the-go schedule and Buddy is being left alone a lot which is not helping his separation/anxiety issues. His current family is heartbroken that things are not working out, but realize they are not a good fit him. Buddy would probably do best with an adult or a couple who are home a lot or can take him with them most of the time. Maybe someone who is retired. Considering all the transition, confusion and loss he's experienced throughout this past year, Buddy needs some stable human companionship and an owner who is able and willing to consistently work with him.
Buddy is very sweet and gentle and gets along with children, adults and other animals. While his first owner was sick, he lived with and got along with three other dogs and two cats. He also had many "dog-park friends" and is fine meeting new people too. Buddy is also well-behaved off-leash and loves to swim.
please email Andrea at if you are interested in adopting this sweet dog!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adopt a sweet loving female shepherd mix - good with everyone! an adorable little HONEY!

I have rescued a sweet stray dog and would love any help finding a wonderful home for it. She is a female German Shephard mix with a slightly timid, but nice personality. I am calling her HONEY. She has been mostly outside while here, but when given the chance to be around my other dog and 6 month old baby, she has been good! I would guess that she is between 60-65 lbs and maybe 7-9 years old.
contact: Danielle at

HONEY is in Kernersville, NC


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Adopt Molly, adorablly cute senior jack russell terrier located in NJ

 Molly was left behind when both her owners passed away this year. Though she is 11 years old, she has the energy of a younger dog and could live to be 17. Molly is joyful, affectionate and funny. Molly loves to go for walks, play in the back yard or just cuddle in your lap. She would make a great mate for a senior who likes to walk or be outside.
Molly needs to be an only pet. To help Molly get adopted, her adoption fee has been waived and her adoption package includes a year of flea and tick medication, 6 months of food, medication, dental cleaning and medical exams.
Weight: 12 pounds
Age: approximately 11 years

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adopt Hercules - Male Senior Jack Russell Terrier - totally cute!!! Middletown, NY

Hercules came to Pets Alive from the CACC after being brought to the CACC by his former family who requested that he be euthanized for reasons that are beyond comprehension. After all of his years of having a home and a family, Hercules was completely terrified to end up in a kill shelter! Who can blame this little angel? Despite his fear and the unfairness of his situation, he was a good boy upon examination and was even willing to have a dental exam. Hercules has a beautiful healthy coat of white with rich brown and black, the markings of a typical Jack Russell Terrier. Hercules is so far from the typical JRT though! He is a noble little man with a heartbreaking story. One look into his eyes and you will wish that you were able to speak "dog" so he could tell you what he is feeling after being abandoned and sentenced to death for no valid reason. Certainly you would weep with him and hug him forever! He is still capable of joy, at his former shelter he was fast friends with some fetching female Maltese dogs. His tail was wagging at lightning speed and all of his troubles seemed to disappear. He loves to be petted and lavishes the attention.  please contact:  to fill out an adoption application or visit the site for more information at

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Adopt Louie, an adorable senior male beagle located in Chicago IL (Spec. needs)

Louie (Petraits attached) is a quiet, gentle and calm, ten-year-old, 25-pound, tri-color Beagle looking for a loving guardian.
 Louie was found as a stray in Chicago. He is living in a foster home where he has proven himself just fine with other dogs as well as cats. He enjoys attention from humans too. He likes to be brushed and is good when being bathed.
Louie enjoys going for walks, but takes it very slow stopping to sniff everything along the way. He is housebroken, good in the car, and follows his foster mom around like a shadow at home. His tail is always happily wagging ... Especially if you have a treat.
Louie has been diagnosed with Cushings disease, he takes medication for that and for arthritis. He would do best with adults and teens who live in a home without a lot of stairs to climb. He is otherwise healthy, had a recent dental and blood-work, neutered, up-to-date on rabies and distemper vaccines, heartworm-tested, and micro-chipped. To meet and possibly adopt Louie please contact his foster mom Brenda at 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Adorable 8 year old PB Daschund needs a new home! owner surrender

Meet Texas Weiner!  Texas Weiner is an 8 years old, house trained, neutered, sweet, funny, easy and look how cute!!!

He is also a laid back dachshund. He loves people. He sleeps in our bed and loves cuddling. He doesn't really shed and is very low maintenance. He should be okay with another dog as he lived with a basset hound the first 5 years of his life and gets along with my mom and brother's dogs. Please consider adopting Texas.  the contact person is Robert:  Texas Weiner is in NJ.  adult home only or older kids okay!!