Wednesday, July 13, 2011

JODI needs a new home - 12-13 year old female chow chow mix


Meet Jodi.  She is a sweet sweet female chow chow mix about 35 lbs.  Although she was adopted, she unfortunately was mistreated and neglected badly.

She was infested with fleas, had over 20 tics on her and a badly wounded front paw :(  The owner dropped her off in my driveway in this sorry condition.  JODI needs a NEW home! A BETTER place to spend her next few years and get the LOVE she ALWAYS should have had....
I'm looking for a NEW home for her to spend her time PEACEFULLY and with the LOVE she deserves! She's waited a LONG LONG TIME for it!  If you can give JODI the home she deserves please email  If you can contribute to her medical care (over $2000)

you can send a PAYPAL to:  Thank you!