Wednesday, May 18, 2011

URGENT! Shumai losing foster home, owner died, rescue or a home needed ASAP

CONTACT: Karen Santiago - or Kim -

This is Shumai, a mix-breed female dog, about 45 pounds, who is in need of a new home following the tragic death of her owner (Karen's mother). She is still in her owner's apartment until the end of May, at which time she will have no place to go. Shumai is 9 years old and has only known one home so this is extremely sad for her. She also has epilepsy, which is controlled with inexpensive daily medication that keeps her seizure-free.
She is in the Bronx. She's a very sweet dog. Shumai has never been around any other animals other than random dogs who would pass her on the street while being walked. She does have a tendency to pull a but on a leash but she usually stops after a while. Shumai is about 45 lbs and was diagnosed with epilepsy in '07. She takes Phenobarbital (90 mg twice a day) along with Potassium Bromide (3.25 ml once a day). She clusters when she seizes so that is the reason for the high dosage of medication. Once the medication was under control she went a year and a half without a seizure. She recently seized this January.
I have until the end of the month to find Shumai a home due to the rapid death of my mom. If you can help in anyway I would greatly appreciate it. I just want her to be in a safe environment with people who can properly care for her. I have spent a great deal of time with Shumai over the years and I love her dearly. Unfortunately I cannot take her with me as where I'm living does not accept pets.