Sunday, May 22, 2011

Teddy a Senior Pekinese for adoption owner surrender

Teddy is a male, 10 yr. old Peke mix (cream/tan),adopted from NY Animal Care and Control 3 and1/2 yrs. ago. His name is Teddy and I can no longer provide the best home for him. He is somewhat housetrained but has been urinating in the house more frequently. My husband and I have taken very good care of Teddy. AC&C would not neuter him, we brought him to our vet and he has been neutered, had eye surgery, and countless other treatments. He is food and toy aggressive so a family with older children or adult only home would be best. Teddy does not tolerate eyedrops, ear cleanings, and ear drops. He requires restraint for treatment of eye or ear infections. Teddy loves people, children, and other dogs. We have a cat and he loves to chase her, so he would be better suited in a dog only home unless the family can separate them. He needs a home with a family who can put more time into his care, and who have a yard. This way he can be let out maybe four to five times a day. Please let me know if there is any way you can help and if you need any other information on Teddy. email for adoption information.