Thursday, May 19, 2011

Foster or Adopt Mollie, a senior female labrador in DULUTH MN

Mollie is an energetic eight years old. The former owner taught her to sit up, lie down, shake a paw, rollover and retrieve. I am 80 years old and I have some health problems. I can no longer handle the dog. She is very active, a natural born retriever. She loves her dog house, and her leash, and to jump in the water and swim. The dog's former owner taught her from puppyhood on to sleep on his lap. No woman can have a 65 pound dog sleeping on her lap. She is a beautiful, lovable dog. Please find her a good home, preferably a man who can handle her. If in the country she loves to run free and will come back to the house to be let in." I'm hoping with this letter of recommendation, it won't be long before I'm home again!
please email: to foster or adopt Mollie.