Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adopt Scooter, a gorgeous 9 year old shepherd, really wonderful dog!!

 Scooter is a wonderful, loving companion dog. He’s a shepherd mix, 60 pounds, black and rust with a beautiful sheen. He’s been in our home now for eight years and has been close to all of our hearts. Scooter is extremely friendly, enthusiastic, happy to see you the moment you come in the door with a full body wag and the permanent smile you can see in the photographs. Scooter is a companion dog, loves people and the people around him. We got him when he was 40 pounds. My son was 4 and my daughter 9. He’s lived in a loft in New York City, walked daily to my office (where other employees welcome him), and spends many weekends in the country where he loves to run. He’s good in all three In the country, he stays immediately around the house and does not wander off. I’ve never thought of a radio fence. Scooter is friendly to other animals, cats and dogs. When he is challenged by aggressive dogs, he ignores them and trots off. I’ve never seen him raise his lips to another dog. The only problem we’ve had walking him is that so many people stop us to pet him! "Oh, what a beautiful dog!"
The commands he knows are: come, stay, sit, down, off (four feet on the ground), up (on couch), get in (jump into car), wait (stop with me), OK (release command), let's go (walk with me), side (go from road to side of the road), out, and no. He responds quickly and consistently. I’ve associate a finger snap with come, and that frequently works!!
Scooter needs a new home as our toddler startled him and he snapped.  We are heartbroken to give him up but we will he should be in a home with older kids or adults only.  please email:
for more information. all applicants will be screened and a home check is required.