Friday, May 6, 2011

Adopt Sammy adorable senior bichon frise super friendly and sweet

 Little Sammy is a purebred Bichon Frise. He is 14 years old (but doesn't act it). He is owned by a woman who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Given a year to live, she wanted to make sure her little Sammy was safe and sound. Sammy was sent to live with a rescue friend of mine (the owner's sister), but she has multiple dogs of her own and needs to find a place for Sammy to go to find his forever family. He is an adorable little guy who just needs someone to love him.

SAMMY IS FULLY VETTED AND ALREADY HAS A HEALTH CERTIFICATE. HIS TRANSPORT IS ALREADY PAID FOR!!!! If someone can find room for little Sammy in their program (or even better, a home for him), please let me know. He can be on this weekend's transport!


more on sammy:
He is crate trained so well he gets in it upon the request to go HOUSE. He knows how to sit, is
leash trained, rides nicely in the car, is comfortable in new surroundings, very adaptable, never met a stranger he did not like! Sammy gets along beautifully with other dogs with a friendly wagging tail, whether the dog is small or large.
He passed today's visit to a doggie daycare center with flying colors! He has been boarded happily in the past, has no known bad habits. He has a sweet, easy disposition, would make a terrific companion animal for a family or a single person, young or old - he can handle any and all! The folks at the vet thought he was adorable and were very impressed with his patience, tolerance and sweet, happy demeanor. Sammy has minimal ageing signs and does not look or act his age at all -just a little plump at 22 lbs...
email:   sammy is NOT in NY