Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adopt Sam, an 11 year old male beagle who needs a home in PA

 Meet Sam, an 11 Year old beagle who needs a home. I adopted him from my boss just over 2 years ago. He is a great dog. He is very friendly. He loves walks, food, attention, and being around other pets and people. I was not in school when I got him and have since decided to go back. I've also had to pick up more hours at work and look for another job. I just don't have the time that Sam needs and deserves. More info:  Over the past two and a half years Sam tore the tendons in both of his back knees. The vet told me that surgery could be performed, but at his age is risky and not necessary. He walks fine, but he can't run too much or climb stairs frequently. He only barks indoors if someone knocks on the door and no one is around to answer; in which case he stops barking once the door has been answered and he knows the guest is friendly. He is fixed. He is very indifferent about other dogs and cats. He loves to be around them, but due to his legs he doesn't play very much. He is the same way with children. He loves to be petted by them and loves to smell them, but that's really it. 
Please email for an adoption application to joansdogs@aol.com. Sam is near Philadelphia, PA.