Monday, May 16, 2011

Adopt Coleman, a senior shepherd mix in PA

 Coleman... is a husky/beagle x...he is very good with ourdogs and cats, but he will chase a cat in play...

he is very healthy.. he has a slight hacking cough when walked on leash, and occasionally in the house , but they found he is healthy.. even ck'd his heart and found nothing wrong. Pressure on his larynx causes him to cough a little....He ADORES his people/person... attaches to me at the hip! .. so someone who appreciates his affection would be needed.. he has about 10-12 more lb's to lose.. so we walk him 1/2 mile twice per day and play tug of war w/ his toys in the yard... to burn calories :o)
He LOVES his toys!! very good on a leash .. not a strong puller, but very eager to go for walks.
He currently gets 2 small meals per day and a light snack at lunch... has lost 2 1/2 lbs already....
Coleman NEEDS a fenced in yard. Please contact me w/ any ?? Michele for more adoption information.