Monday, May 23, 2011

Adopt April lovely sweet 9 year old golden chow mix in California

This family relinquished her to us yesterday, not a tear, no remorse, they just drove off. I told them I hope they would never get another dog. They adopted her at 6 mos. Form the Helen Woodward Animal Center. She is very pretty, soft, sweet, in excellent health, spayed, vaccines & rabies current, no health issues, very sweet, loving & gentle, likes us both, likes other dogs & cats, not a barker, does not dig, chew or jump. She would do well with a family with children or a couple or a great dog for a single person. They said she does not like the leash, hmm, she walked fine with us! They said she does not like car rides, hmm she liked it with us! We were amazed as all our dogs were so sweet to her, of course, Chester had to have his CHOW CHOW grumpy moment but it passed!!! She slept inside last night. I was impressed at how gentle she is with our old Heidi-Heidi has bad arthritis in both rear legs & April was so gentle with her. She liked Pappy too and both cats and our cats showed no fear of her which is the best sign, LOL_they know DOGS!!!  in CALIFORNIA, email Debbie runs a wonderful senior dog/cat rescue called Heaven Can Wait!!