Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adopt Sam, an 11 year old male beagle who needs a home in PA

 Meet Sam, an 11 Year old beagle who needs a home. I adopted him from my boss just over 2 years ago. He is a great dog. He is very friendly. He loves walks, food, attention, and being around other pets and people. I was not in school when I got him and have since decided to go back. I've also had to pick up more hours at work and look for another job. I just don't have the time that Sam needs and deserves. More info:  Over the past two and a half years Sam tore the tendons in both of his back knees. The vet told me that surgery could be performed, but at his age is risky and not necessary. He walks fine, but he can't run too much or climb stairs frequently. He only barks indoors if someone knocks on the door and no one is around to answer; in which case he stops barking once the door has been answered and he knows the guest is friendly. He is fixed. He is very indifferent about other dogs and cats. He loves to be around them, but due to his legs he doesn't play very much. He is the same way with children. He loves to be petted by them and loves to smell them, but that's really it. 
Please email for an adoption application to joansdogs@aol.com. Sam is near Philadelphia, PA.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meet the older cats at Ollie's Place! New York, NY

Welcome to Ollie's Place!

located at:
430 E. 9th Street, New York, NY 10009

Who we are:
Ollie's Place is a cat adoption center in New York City where people can come and meet wonderful adoptable cats in a relaxed, open setting. Founded by Mighty Mutts, a no-kill, not-for-profit cat and dog rescue organization, Ollie's Place is committed to the rescue, care and adoption of homeless cats in New York City. On our website, you can view our adoptable cats, find out about our special programs, get in touch with us, find out ways to help and become part of the Ollie's Place Community!  to visit our site, go to this link: http://www.olliesplace.org/ and to email us: ollliescats@gmail.com.  Now please watch our slide show of many of our adult cats to music!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Rescue or adopt Sonny and Jacob older dogs in high kill shelter in North Carolina need you!

No one has stepped up for these boys at the Vance County Animal Shelter, & the shelter could fill up at ANY moment. Please email me at loveablackdog@gmail.com if you can help Sonny & Jacob! They are seniors in a high-kill gassing shelter! Look at Sonny! He is a VERY handsome black lab, who was turned in to the shelter by his human. He doesn't unders
tand how or why he ended up at the shelter. Sonny is around 7-8 years old. This is sweet Jacob. He is a senior German Shepherd. Poor Jacob had a loving family, but they surrendered him to the shelter. He is scared and confused. Jacob has some skin issues and will need treatment. Kathryn Haddock - Saving lives, one black dog at a time!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Adopt Annabelle a gorgeous mostly white 8 year old DECLAWED cat

Meet Annabelle, a sweet, Declawed (front paws), 8yr young beauty, who has been rescued from Death Row and a history of unkindness. Fostered in a home with not-nice cats, she is becoming very anxious to be adopted either alone or with a nice cat or two who won't be hissing, growling and prowling around her! She is healthy, all shots, tested negative for everything contagious.

Please contact All Sentient Beings, Inc. if you have a serious interest in adopting Annabelle go on our site: www.animalloversnetwork.org and you can see a short video on Annabelle and also her adorable sister, Ariel; they prefer to be adopted separately.

Adopt April lovely sweet 9 year old golden chow mix in California

This family relinquished her to us yesterday, not a tear, no remorse, they just drove off. I told them I hope they would never get another dog. They adopted her at 6 mos. Form the Helen Woodward Animal Center. She is very pretty, soft, sweet, in excellent health, spayed, vaccines & rabies current, no health issues, very sweet, loving & gentle, likes us both, likes other dogs & cats, not a barker, does not dig, chew or jump. She would do well with a family with children or a couple or a great dog for a single person. They said she does not like the leash, hmm, she walked fine with us! They said she does not like car rides, hmm she liked it with us! We were amazed as all our dogs were so sweet to her, of course, Chester had to have his CHOW CHOW grumpy moment but it passed!!! She slept inside last night. I was impressed at how gentle she is with our old Heidi-Heidi has bad arthritis in both rear legs & April was so gentle with her. She liked Pappy too and both cats and our cats showed no fear of her which is the best sign, LOL_they know DOGS!!!  in CALIFORNIA, email debbie.degarmo@ngc.com. Debbie runs a wonderful senior dog/cat rescue called Heaven Can Wait!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Teddy a Senior Pekinese for adoption owner surrender

Teddy is a male, 10 yr. old Peke mix (cream/tan),adopted from NY Animal Care and Control 3 and1/2 yrs. ago. His name is Teddy and I can no longer provide the best home for him. He is somewhat housetrained but has been urinating in the house more frequently. My husband and I have taken very good care of Teddy. AC&C would not neuter him, we brought him to our vet and he has been neutered, had eye surgery, and countless other treatments. He is food and toy aggressive so a family with older children or adult only home would be best. Teddy does not tolerate eyedrops, ear cleanings, and ear drops. He requires restraint for treatment of eye or ear infections. Teddy loves people, children, and other dogs. We have a cat and he loves to chase her, so he would be better suited in a dog only home unless the family can separate them. He needs a home with a family who can put more time into his care, and who have a yard. This way he can be let out maybe four to five times a day. Please let me know if there is any way you can help and if you need any other information on Teddy. email yoogee1@yahoo.com for adoption information.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Immediate foster home needed for 5 year old Doberman named Brooklyn

This Doberman needs a foster home immediately.  he is 5 Years old,  his Mommy is looking for a new apartment.  Contact Laura Toth  at Bay 23 rd Animal Clinic, or email carolsmutts@aol.com    He has been neutered recently and his completely up to date on shots.  Thank you.

Adopt Buffy, 16 year old female shepherd/chow in shelter for two years needs adult home

ADOPTED!!!! Congratulations BUFFY!!!!!
Watch my video!

Buffy is a Shepherd Chow mix girl, who has been waiting patiently at the Associated Humane Society, Tinton Falls, N.J. for the past TWO years! She is 16 years young and has lots of love to give!
Buffy is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and fully housebroken. She lived her entire life on a chain, and was brought into the shelter by her owner to be euthanized. However, the Humane Society fixed her up, got rid of her fleas, and has been trying to help her find a loving home, which she so deserve.
Buffy is a dominate female and would do best as an only dog or may be OK with a submissive older male dog. She just would love to love you. She was an abused and neglected dog and needs to be with adults only. *Please apply to adopt her at: www.AHScares.org, and ask for Buffy! She has hopes of living the rest of her life in a loving home.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Foster or Adopt Mollie, a senior female labrador in DULUTH MN

Mollie is an energetic eight years old. The former owner taught her to sit up, lie down, shake a paw, rollover and retrieve. I am 80 years old and I have some health problems. I can no longer handle the dog. She is very active, a natural born retriever. She loves her dog house, and her leash, and to jump in the water and swim. The dog's former owner taught her from puppyhood on to sleep on his lap. No woman can have a 65 pound dog sleeping on her lap. She is a beautiful, lovable dog. Please find her a good home, preferably a man who can handle her. If in the country she loves to run free and will come back to the house to be let in." I'm hoping with this letter of recommendation, it won't be long before I'm home again!
please email: adoption@animalallies.net to foster or adopt Mollie.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

URGENT! Shumai losing foster home, owner died, rescue or a home needed ASAP

CONTACT: Karen Santiago - pixieme77@gmail.com or Kim - bigkim211@aol.com

This is Shumai, a mix-breed female dog, about 45 pounds, who is in need of a new home following the tragic death of her owner (Karen's mother). She is still in her owner's apartment until the end of May, at which time she will have no place to go. Shumai is 9 years old and has only known one home so this is extremely sad for her. She also has epilepsy, which is controlled with inexpensive daily medication that keeps her seizure-free.
She is in the Bronx. She's a very sweet dog. Shumai has never been around any other animals other than random dogs who would pass her on the street while being walked. She does have a tendency to pull a but on a leash but she usually stops after a while. Shumai is about 45 lbs and was diagnosed with epilepsy in '07. She takes Phenobarbital (90 mg twice a day) along with Potassium Bromide (3.25 ml once a day). She clusters when she seizes so that is the reason for the high dosage of medication. Once the medication was under control she went a year and a half without a seizure. She recently seized this January.
I have until the end of the month to find Shumai a home due to the rapid death of my mom. If you can help in anyway I would greatly appreciate it. I just want her to be in a safe environment with people who can properly care for her. I have spent a great deal of time with Shumai over the years and I love her dearly. Unfortunately I cannot take her with me as where I'm living does not accept pets.

Adopt Little Bear, adorable llasa apso

Little Bear is a 7 year old neutered male Lhaso Apso. He is black with Brown eyes and weighs about 12 pounds. He is used to being groomed and has a great temperament and is very affectionate. He loves to lounge and snuggle. He needs to be retrained as he was used to using a wee wee pad and will go in the house if he is not walked regularly.

He witnessed his owners murder and went thru a really rough time adjusting as he was taken from the home without any of his things. I would like to find him a forever home - preferably with an adult owner who can spend a lot of time with him. He is up to date with his shots and recently had his teeth cleaned.
He has spent the last 7 years alone with my mother and although he does not show any aggression towards cats - dogs or children - I would prefer he have a similar life as he was used to. is currently in Edison New Jersey but can be picked up in New York as well.   contact:

Adopt Scooter, a gorgeous 9 year old shepherd, really wonderful dog!!

 Scooter is a wonderful, loving companion dog. He’s a shepherd mix, 60 pounds, black and rust with a beautiful sheen. He’s been in our home now for eight years and has been close to all of our hearts. Scooter is extremely friendly, enthusiastic, happy to see you the moment you come in the door with a full body wag and the permanent smile you can see in the photographs. Scooter is a companion dog, loves people and the people around him. We got him when he was 40 pounds. My son was 4 and my daughter 9. He’s lived in a loft in New York City, walked daily to my office (where other employees welcome him), and spends many weekends in the country where he loves to run. He’s good in all three In the country, he stays immediately around the house and does not wander off. I’ve never thought of a radio fence. Scooter is friendly to other animals, cats and dogs. When he is challenged by aggressive dogs, he ignores them and trots off. I’ve never seen him raise his lips to another dog. The only problem we’ve had walking him is that so many people stop us to pet him! "Oh, what a beautiful dog!"
The commands he knows are: come, stay, sit, down, off (four feet on the ground), up (on couch), get in (jump into car), wait (stop with me), OK (release command), let's go (walk with me), side (go from road to side of the road), out, and no. He responds quickly and consistently. I’ve associate a finger snap with come, and that frequently works!!
Scooter needs a new home as our toddler startled him and he snapped.  We are heartbroken to give him up but we will he should be in a home with older kids or adults only.  please email: obiebenz@gmail.com
for more information. all applicants will be screened and a home check is required.

Adopt Saturday, a very nice senior labrador retriever owner surrender

I have a Lab that I can no longer take care of because of my recent
health issues. She is a senior dog that I've had for 10 years. She's
14 years old and I would love for her to be able to go outside and be
with a loving family that would love her as much as we have. My
grandfather used to take care of her for the most part but now has
Alzheimers and forgets who the dog is and I recently had surgery so
we've had someone coming in to actually take care of her but I can no
longer afford to do so. Please, if you have any room for her, I would
love to give her to you! I have a bunch of dog food here for her too.
please email: mamamaria@gmail.com if you are interested in Saturday.  She would probably be ok with dogs and is ok with children and cats.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Adopt Coleman, a senior shepherd mix in PA

 Coleman... is a husky/beagle x...he is very good with ourdogs and cats, but he will chase a cat in play...

he is very healthy.. he has a slight hacking cough when walked on leash, and occasionally in the house , but they found he is healthy.. even ck'd his heart and found nothing wrong. Pressure on his larynx causes him to cough a little....He ADORES his people/person... attaches to me at the hip! .. so someone who appreciates his affection would be needed.. he has about 10-12 more lb's to lose.. so we walk him 1/2 mile twice per day and play tug of war w/ his toys in the yard... to burn calories :o)
He LOVES his toys!! very good on a leash .. not a strong puller, but very eager to go for walks.
He currently gets 2 small meals per day and a light snack at lunch... has lost 2 1/2 lbs already....
Coleman NEEDS a fenced in yard. Please contact me w/ any ?? Michele

michelegracefarm@yahoo.com for more adoption information.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bandit and Shadow need a home, two older cats

Bandit, male is 12 yrs old, Long hair White with Black spots. Part Maine Coon (Gorgeous tail)

He was dianosed with a heart murmur and wason Enacard and Baby aspirin up until a few years ago. I could no longer afford the medication and bloodwork/sonograms. He has been doing well without the meds. He does well with children and adults.
He is a very vocal cat who is Declawed in front
Neutered and an Indoor only cat. he is still active,
loves to chase things and play with toy mice
tested negative for FIV and Leukemia when a kitten.
I have had Bandit since he was 3 months old

Shadow, female 9 years old, short hair black with a white spot on her neck. No health issues
Shy with Children
Loves to cuddle, sit on shoulders
Declawed in front
Still active, loves to run anround and plays with her toys.
tested negative for FIV and Leukemia when a kitten. I have had Shadow since she was 2 months old
email erica at:eureka826@hotmail.com

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Adopt Foxy, adorable tiny adult cat who looks like a kitten!

Foxy is a 9 year old female cat who is the size of a kitten and weighed only 3 pounds when rescued. She was neglected and had some health issued such as over-active thyroid which has been successfully treated.  She has a sensitive stomach but is doing well on a special diet.  She has gained weight too.  Foxy is sweet and lovable and responds well to human company.  She would make a wonderful companion as a single kitty to someone who can give her the care and attention she needs to thrive.  For more information please email:

Monday, May 9, 2011

Simon a senior rottweiler and Nixie, a large terrier mix need rescue or a new home together

 Simon, left, is a senior male rottweiler and Nixie, below, is a large gerrier mix.  Their owner sadly has terminal cancer and can no longer take care of them so a friend is taking them for a walk and feeding them. But both dogs would love a home together or a rescue that is willing to take them both.  Simon is a male Rotti/Dobie mix Approx 10-11 yrs old. Neutered, all shots. he is fine with cats and other dogs. Nixie is his best friend.
Simon is a great dog. Big, goofy boy who wants nothing more then to be with you and gives wonderful, sloppy kisses. Listens well and would love to be a lap dog/
Nixie is listed as a Lab/Terrier mix by her vet.
She is calm and quiet and just loves attention. Also fine with cats. She does not care for pushy dogs and will stand her ground, but lives with 4 small ones and is fine with all except a pushy Pom. Nixie is spayed and only needs a rabies shot. Will follow Simon anywhere.
If you can rescue these dogs OR adopt please email Sherry at Sheiser50@yahoo.com

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lucy and Austin need rescue or a home together - two bonded senior dogs

 Austin and Lucy are two bonded senior dogs approximately 12 years old.  Their owner passed away and family members took them to the shelter in Virginia. Their names are Austin & Lucy. Austin looks like a shepherd/spitz cross (black dog) who is not good with cats. Lucy is a cute chow mix. They have been at the shelter since well before Christmas. They were adopted out together a few months ago and have been returned. because the adopted were evicted. It is just very sad that these seniors are spending the last years of their life in a kennel at the shelter.
If you can rescue these two or you have a home for both dogs, please contact Becky at becky_tim@comcast.net

Friday, May 6, 2011

Adopt Sammy adorable senior bichon frise super friendly and sweet

 Little Sammy is a purebred Bichon Frise. He is 14 years old (but doesn't act it). He is owned by a woman who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Given a year to live, she wanted to make sure her little Sammy was safe and sound. Sammy was sent to live with a rescue friend of mine (the owner's sister), but she has multiple dogs of her own and needs to find a place for Sammy to go to find his forever family. He is an adorable little guy who just needs someone to love him.

SAMMY IS FULLY VETTED AND ALREADY HAS A HEALTH CERTIFICATE. HIS TRANSPORT IS ALREADY PAID FOR!!!! If someone can find room for little Sammy in their program (or even better, a home for him), please let me know. He can be on this weekend's transport!

email: info@4pawstransport.com

more on sammy:
He is crate trained so well he gets in it upon the request to go HOUSE. He knows how to sit, is
leash trained, rides nicely in the car, is comfortable in new surroundings, very adaptable, never met a stranger he did not like! Sammy gets along beautifully with other dogs with a friendly wagging tail, whether the dog is small or large.
He passed today's visit to a doggie daycare center with flying colors! He has been boarded happily in the past, has no known bad habits. He has a sweet, easy disposition, would make a terrific companion animal for a family or a single person, young or old - he can handle any and all! The folks at the vet thought he was adorable and were very impressed with his patience, tolerance and sweet, happy demeanor. Sammy has minimal ageing signs and does not look or act his age at all -just a little plump at 22 lbs...
email: info@4pawstransport.com   sammy is NOT in NY

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Foster or Adopt Boone - Gorgeous Senior German Shorthaired Pointer and retired therapy dog

 Meet Boone! Look at this gorgeous face!!!!!!! Boone is a 12 year old german shorthaired pointer mix. He is a big guy weighing 72 pounds.  Boone is a retired therapy dog and current couch potato, if you allow him on the couch!  He is well trained as you have to be in order to be a therapy dog. The family is moving at the end of the month unexpectedly and had no luck renting a place that allowed dogs.
Boone considers himself a lapdog and would curl up on the couch if you let him although he is trained not to. He is great with other dogs and very good with children of all ages. We have a 3 and 1 yr old and he is gentle with them. He was a certified pet therapy  
dog for a while. He does have a fear of thunderstorms like a lot of dogs and will want to be by your side to get through it. He likes to take walks especially when he can be leash free and is very good about following commands. He's been a faithful dog for 11 1/2 yrs and we are very sad to have to find him a new home.   Foster home needed!  If you would like to foster or adopt Boone please email joansdogs@aol.com for more information and an application. Boone is in Atlanta and we will arrange transportation to NY.

Speaking of Dogs With Joan - Thursday May 5th at 6 pm

Check out my radio show tonight at 6 pm.  go to http://www.scatterradio.com/ and register to listen to the show.
Tonight's guest is Matt Miller, dog walker and trainer from Dog Walking Made Easy.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Adopt Ms Crosky beautiful 13 year old female tabby cat!

Ms. Crosby -Loved, healthy, friendly and playful 13 years young. Spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations.Very cooperative in taking her daily thyroid medicine. Prefers to be your one and only adoring cat.  History – surrendered by owner with Alzheimer’s disease. Available for full time adoption or new foster home. 
Contact: Bunny Hofberg
email: Frankiesfelinefund@gmail.com

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

URGENT Foster Home Needed for Gracie, sweet senior beagle in PA

Gracie has been living in a wonderful foster home for the past few months, but her foster parents are going on an extended vacation, so we need to find a new foster or adoptive home for sweet Gracie! She just a wonderful girl! Can you help Gracie? (11/18/10) Gracie is a senior lady who found herself homeless in a state where seniors don't have much of a chance of being adopted. We provided vetting to have some tumors removed, and the vet feels that Gracie's condition is not terminal and she should do well in a quiet adoptive home. Gracie is such a sweetheart and just loves everyone....people, dogs and cats. Gracie is being nursed back to health in a wonderful foster home, but she should be ready to spend the holidays with a new family. The vet felt that Gracie will be ready to travel very soon. TO FOSTER OR ADOPT GRACIE, PLEASE EMAIL AngelsAmongUsRS@live.com.

Thursday's Radio Show - Speaking of Dogs With Joan!

 Tune in to Speaking of Dogs with Joan on Thursday, May 5th at 6 pm EST.  Our guest will be Matt Miller of Dog Walking Made Easy.  The show is on http://www.scatterradio.com/.  Please register so you can type into the listener screen.  If anyone has questions for Matt you can type them in during the show!  Also featured will be Petals a lovely border collie mix who needs a home.