Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HOKIE needs a new home - lost his home, lost his leg - NOT GOOD WITH DOGS

Hokie is a 10 year old female shepehrd, UTD, HW-, and spayed.  Hokie was a chained dog living under a house.  Owners dumped her in a shelter and she was rescued.  However, Hokie is EXTREMELY animal aggressive but is an absolute love to humans.  A senior, animal aggressive, big dog is not easy to adopt.  But she deserves a family of her own. About year after her rescue we had a terrible accident.  Hokie was 'Queen Of The Foster Dogs' although she had to be segregated from the rest of the dogs, she had her own second story bedroom with a queen size bed and TV.   One evening I was outside playing with the other dogs, Hokie got very upset, jumped out of the 2-story window and broke her leg.  Her leg had to amputated.
Hokie has been here for 3 years and although we give her as much attention as possible, with her being animal aggressive she is not really living as part of the family.  She deserves so much better!  Would love to find her a family all her own with no other pets. She deserves this after such a hard life and now an accident that made her lose her leg.  please contact:  Shannon at  RESCUE@DOGSDESERVEBETTER.ORG
Shannon Allen
National Rescue Coordinator
Southwest Virginia Area Rep