Monday, April 18, 2011

Foster Home Needed, OR adopt Bonnie and Clyde, two senior bonded chihuahuas

Hi, we are bonnie and clyde.  What are two little dogs like us doing on a big old rottweiler rescue?  Well we don't know!  But what we know is we now need a new foster home until we are adopted!  More about us: We are most likely husband and wife, both spayed/ neutered.. Bonnie and Clyde are so used to each other, like an old couple. When one is taken out for a walk without the other, despair sets in..... These two are made for each other.. Clyde is a 10 yo neutered male. He weights 8.7 lbs. Clyde is the shyest of the pair. Taken away from Bonnie, he looks back at her. He is reluctant to leave her. Clyde is good on the leash, he seems very much housetrained. He is fine with all other little dogs he's met. After "making friends' with him, Clyde behaves like a very sweet chap with no handling issues. Clyde poses nicely for the photo shoot. he can surprisingly sit on command. Back in the house, Clyde hurries to Bonnie. They are both clearly happy to see each other. Both Bonnie and Clyde are nice "little dogs". We would like to find them a home together. Bonnie is a 10 yo spayed long hair Chihuahua . She weights 10lbs.  They are sweet dogs and just need a new home together!  please contact or visit our site for adoption information.