Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mama Faith needs rescue or a loving home!

Orangeburg, South Carolina - Several years ago, Mama Faith was abandoned outside of a shelter in South Carolina.
The middle-aged Pitbull/Lab mix had been bred many times through the years. Someone had cut off this lovely dog's ears.
Mama Faith is still at the very same shelter that she was abandoned at years ago. A senior now, a Pit Mix, a black dog - three strikes against a dog that has never once had a home of her own. Never once someone's treasured companion.
The shelter that Mama Faith is housed at is an outdoor shelter - the winters are difficult on her aging bones. Instead of sitting in a kennel run, she should be laying by a couch on a soft bed. She was soooo happy to have attention & belly rubs, I could not get her to stay still long enough to give her a hug or kiss. She was a major wiggle worm, belly up, legs even wiggling with a BIG, genuine smile on her face!
She appears to be a very easy going girl. She's confident, but does not seem to be a dog that demands to be in control. She is the "mothering type." Technically, Mama Faith is safe. Technically, Mama Faith doesn't need to be rescued. But is that good enough? Is it good enough for an affectionate dog that has had a rough life to spend the remainder of her years in an outdoor kennel at a shelter? For TWO YEARS this dog has been waiting. If you can provide Mama Faith with a home of her own, please contact Jean at