Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Adopt Lexi, 7 year old female chocolate staffordshire terrier

Lexi, what’s there to say about her. She’s a mush with a tough girl’s exterior.
People loving, housebroken, and always up for a walk in the park, that’s Lexi.
She can be loud at times, but it’s always just to say pay attention to me! Lexi
wasn’t given the chance to fully live her life in a family due to the extent of
her skin allergy, but now she has the opportunity to do so as she looks and
feels better than ever. Her skin allergy is just that an allergy, which is kept
under control with medications, a strict diet and weekly baths. She does get
occasional flare ups but none as bad as when we first got her and it is usually
because something had changed in her “routine: Lexi is a wonderful pet and would
be a great addition to a pet free home or a home that has an equal sized dog.
She’s definitely not a fan of cats or small dogs and would like to be spoiled as an only pet. please email Hillary at to meet Lexi.