Monday, March 21, 2011

Adopt Boomer, senior boxer/hound mix

MY NAME IS BOOMER; I am a boxer-hound-pit mix, approximately 7-8 years old, found hobbling along Queens Blvd, extremely neglected. I was taken to a shelter on that cold Sunday December afternoon and a few days later was "rescued" from the shelter because I was scheduled for euthanasia. I've been living in a nice warm home since then and have been medically cared for by a wonderful vet. I was neutered in early January. I often hear people tell me that I'm "sweet", "cute" and "loving". I love to play with my ball and frisbee. I'm housetrained, crate trained, walk well on a leash, love to ride in the car, and love to be near the humans I live with. I saw a certified trainer and her techniques have enabled me to walk by dogs without reacting when other dogs bark or lunge at me. I respond to "sit", "wait", "come", and "no". I'm looking for a warm, loving home. The people I live with now would keep me if it weren't for the fact that they live in a small NYC apartment and have a cat that does not like me! :( Contact