Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adopt Wolfie, beautiful senior shepherd/chow chow mix

Please help Wolfie! Her owner and his family could no longer care for this sweet, lovable girl. She's ten years old and in very good health. She's great with other dogs, kids and very well behaved. Contact us and we'll arrange a visit. please email

Monday, March 28, 2011

Adopt Teddy, a10 year old Tibetan Terrier, owner moving

Teddy is 10 years old and his owner is trying to find him a new home due to moving out of state. Teddy is a bit overweight for his breed, and could stand to drop a couple of pounds. Teddy is a loving dog but can be very tempermental at times. He can be very defensive when startled (I do not reccomend him to be in a home with children) he is a lover and loves to curl up in your lap to take a nap. Teddy loves to go on short walks and he also loves to give kisses. He also enjoys barking at nothing at times. please email

Buddy, age 10, losing his home as owner moving and can't take him

This is Bud, his owner is moving out of state and cannot take him with her. Here is some information from the owner: Breed: hound mix Color: red Weight: 50 pounds. He is overweight as you can see. Age: 10 years. Neutered and current on his vaccinations. Buddy is very laid back, loves people housetrained, very loving, loves to sleep alot.. he cannot go on long walks due to his age and weight.. he also has a nasty cough which he has had for years. It happens when he gets excitied. He has never been caged or chained outside. He gets fed the same as Teddy and Princess. I would prefer an older couple take Buddy; I don't feel he would be comfortable around children. Teddy Princess and Buddy are indoor only dogs. please email for adoption information.

ADOPT PRINCESS - age 7 lab/shepherd very pretty owner moving

Name: Princess Nickname: Poopers Breed: Lab/Shepard Color: Tan/ black Weight: 135 pounds Age : 7 years. Princess is very loving to one person, she is very people shy especially with men. She will require a few visits for you and her to make friends with each other, she does prefer women.... You will be her friend for life if she brings you a toy and you play tug of war with her. She is very loyal and protective, and owner perfers that she went to a home with no children as she has never been around them. She knows basic commands.. come, sit, shake, She is housetrained and she has never been in a crate. Princess is spayed and she is a house dog only. She has never been chained outside or left out for a long time. She sleeps indoors. email for more information.

Adopt Georgia, senior beagle located in Greene, NY

This sweet senior girl will be arriving at our rescue toward the end of March. She suffered from a bad case of sarcoptic mange. The volunteers at the shelter scrambled to find rescue to take her as they knew they would put her to sleep. Our rescue was contacted and we could not say no when we saw this adorable helpless face. Georgia will be here soon and we will provide you with updated photos and more information once she gets here to our group. If you have any interest in this adorable senior girl, please contact Adoptions are ONLY done within one hour distance of Greene, NY.

Adopt Corkie, beautiful 16 year old Tortie/DSH mix

Corkie is a very sweet Cat. About 16 years old. She was adopted by an elderly woman a few years ago after being listed on this site but unfortunately the adopter is going into a nursing home so Corkie is looking for another home. She is very sweet but has been the only cat for about 8 years now so probably would do best as an only cat. She is currently fostered in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Email for additional information to A Place For Cats rescue.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yugi was rescued from the street at less than a year old and is a Great Dane mix with pit bull. He's grown in to a big boy at 92lbs with a gorgeous brindle coat and is totally housetrained at 6.5 years. Yugi’s caregiver has struggled with animal allergies over the years and, reaching a point of concern for his own health, he has made the tough decision to find Yugi a new home. Yugi is a great match for someone with big-dog experience or knowledge of his Breeds. He has high energy and may be best for households with older kids. Yugi is up to date on shots but will need to be fixed. Yugi’s diet has consisted of dog-food only, mostly dry & of the holistic/natural kind. He has no special needs, will not mistake your shoes for toys or your furniture for food, as younger puppies do. He understands basic commands too. Toys, clothes, food bowls, doggie gates & doggie bed included. If you are interested in meeting YUGI, please email Ray or for adoption application.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Adopted!!!!! Lucky and Sammy two cute bonded senior dogs

Lucky & Sammy are an extremely friendly and loving bonded pair! They were recently rescued from a kill shelter in NYC after they were surrendered there without a solid reason by their owner. The owner advised that they not be split up, as they are very bonded and happy together. Lucky is a gorgeous Border Collie mix and about 14 years old. He is a gentle guy beyond belief! Sammy appears to be an 11 year old purebred poodle. Who could resist his cute little body and curly hair?! They both walk amazing on leashes, and are VERY easy to walk together. Afterall, they are so used to it! We couldn't bear to watch them live the rest of their lives here, they are too sweet. They both appear to enjoy the company of other dogs and are housetrained! Do not miss the opportunity to adopt this older duo and give them the warm, happy life they both deserve. please email

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Adopt Lexi, 7 year old female chocolate staffordshire terrier

Lexi, what’s there to say about her. She’s a mush with a tough girl’s exterior.
People loving, housebroken, and always up for a walk in the park, that’s Lexi.
She can be loud at times, but it’s always just to say pay attention to me! Lexi
wasn’t given the chance to fully live her life in a family due to the extent of
her skin allergy, but now she has the opportunity to do so as she looks and
feels better than ever. Her skin allergy is just that an allergy, which is kept
under control with medications, a strict diet and weekly baths. She does get
occasional flare ups but none as bad as when we first got her and it is usually
because something had changed in her “routine: Lexi is a wonderful pet and would
be a great addition to a pet free home or a home that has an equal sized dog.
She’s definitely not a fan of cats or small dogs and would like to be spoiled as an only pet. please email Hillary at to meet Lexi.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Adopt Boomer, senior boxer/hound mix

MY NAME IS BOOMER; I am a boxer-hound-pit mix, approximately 7-8 years old, found hobbling along Queens Blvd, extremely neglected. I was taken to a shelter on that cold Sunday December afternoon and a few days later was "rescued" from the shelter because I was scheduled for euthanasia. I've been living in a nice warm home since then and have been medically cared for by a wonderful vet. I was neutered in early January. I often hear people tell me that I'm "sweet", "cute" and "loving". I love to play with my ball and frisbee. I'm housetrained, crate trained, walk well on a leash, love to ride in the car, and love to be near the humans I live with. I saw a certified trainer and her techniques have enabled me to walk by dogs without reacting when other dogs bark or lunge at me. I respond to "sit", "wait", "come", and "no". I'm looking for a warm, loving home. The people I live with now would keep me if it weren't for the fact that they live in a small NYC apartment and have a cat that does not like me! :( Contact

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adopt Snowy senior cat with blue eyes needs home

This EXTREMELY handsome, 10 year young boy, was abandoned by his owners!The neighbors have cared for him ever since but it's time for a HOME for this SWEET senior. Siamese-tabby mix -10 year old, neutered male. FRIENDLY, LOVING, AFFECTIONATE!!! GREAT with ALL!!! ***Negative for Felv, FIV, Bartonella, vaccinated and healthy. Now that he is getting on in his years he needs and deserves an indoor HOME! CONTACT: email Margo at
Snowy has had a very rough life in his 10+ years and is looking for a permanent, loving, comfortable, forever home for himself. Snowy is currently located in Port Washington, NY

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mama Faith needs rescue or a loving home!

Orangeburg, South Carolina - Several years ago, Mama Faith was abandoned outside of a shelter in South Carolina.
The middle-aged Pitbull/Lab mix had been bred many times through the years. Someone had cut off this lovely dog's ears.
Mama Faith is still at the very same shelter that she was abandoned at years ago. A senior now, a Pit Mix, a black dog - three strikes against a dog that has never once had a home of her own. Never once someone's treasured companion.
The shelter that Mama Faith is housed at is an outdoor shelter - the winters are difficult on her aging bones. Instead of sitting in a kennel run, she should be laying by a couch on a soft bed. She was soooo happy to have attention & belly rubs, I could not get her to stay still long enough to give her a hug or kiss. She was a major wiggle worm, belly up, legs even wiggling with a BIG, genuine smile on her face!
She appears to be a very easy going girl. She's confident, but does not seem to be a dog that demands to be in control. She is the "mothering type." Technically, Mama Faith is safe. Technically, Mama Faith doesn't need to be rescued. But is that good enough? Is it good enough for an affectionate dog that has had a rough life to spend the remainder of her years in an outdoor kennel at a shelter? For TWO YEARS this dog has been waiting. If you can provide Mama Faith with a home of her own, please contact Jean at

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bert, an Adorable senior cockerpoo at Passaic Animal Shelter

After eleven years, Bert's owner no longer wanted to keep him, so this adorable cocker/poodle mix was brought to the Passaic Animal Shelter where he's now waiting for a new home... a home where they know what "forever" means. Bert may be an older guy (11 years old) but he is very active. He is very sweet and cute. We hope he finds a family that he can spend his seniors years with. Please come to see him!!
If you have room in your heart for this loving dog, please contact or stop by the shelter to meet him. The shelter is located on the corner on Main Ave. and Brook Ave. in Passaic, NJ at 13 Benson Avenue.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DECLAWED HIMALAYAN beauty needs home now

Declawed, 10 year old Himalayan EXTREMELY DEPRESSED and MISERABLE

One has to wonder what this poor kitty has been through in her life...she is a very unhappy cat right now, being returned to a cage by a recent adopter, she is quickly losing her spirit and will to live. MISSY needs an adopter who will accept her unconditionally...she could be a lap cat but she has had a rough and disappointing life thus far and is very untrusting right now ...she will need TIME and LOVE to realize that she is finally safe and loved. She is healthy and uses her litter box at all times. Can someone offer this kitty the PERMANENT HOME that she deserves in her twilight years. She is barely eating now and has no interest in life...I hope that someone will give her a reason to live...
Trudy Schilder