Thursday, January 13, 2011

Poor Oliver has been with 11th Hour for over 6 months. He wasoriginally found running the streets of Newark. He was rescued by 11thHour and has been with us ever since. He would do best in a homewithout other dogs or with less active dogs. He ignores cats.Oliver’s signature move is giving you a ‘high five’ when you approachhim and he can keep himself entertained for a while with a tennisball. He is housetrained, not destructive, doesn't bark and ridesnicely in the car.Oliver should go to a single-person home. He gets very attached tohis owner and if living with a family, he will pick one person toprotect and will growl at all others. He is very friendly outside ofthe house on walks with all people and other dogs. He would be theperfect dog for an elderly single person or just a single person ingeneral and should probably be put in another room when visitors comeover. He loves to snuggle up next to you and is wonderful company.He really is a great dog and he will break your heart when you meethim. Oliver is a shelter favorite! email or visit the site at