Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adopt Pacer, senior dog lived entire life in locked outdoor pen

Pacer is a eleven to twelve year old boy who has lived in horrible conditions all his life. Pacer was put into this pen when he was just a young dog and has spent at least ten years of his life living in this pen. Along with Pacer there were also fifteen other dogs and sixteen cats living in these same filthy conditions. Pacer had very little food to eat and when he did get something to eat it was thrown on top of the feces which were at least a foot high in his pen. The only water he had to drink was green from never being change. Pacer is a sweet boy who deserves to spend his final years in a real home with a family to love him. Surely there is somebody out there who will open their home and hearts to this wonderful guy. Pacer and all these dogs/cats will be coming to Eleventh Hour on the next transport. Please check out this site for the other dogs coming from this same situation. Please fill out an application on Pacer today...This is where Pacer came from ...
please email or visit the site to adopt at