Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adopt Mercedes, 8 year old female hound

Meet Mercedes. This is the 8 year old little girl was living on the car lot which is right by a busy highway. She was hanging around there after somebody dropped her off, so the people that were at the car lot fed her and got her a dog house. They do not let her inside the building, and nobody is there all weekend or evenings so she is all alone. It is really cold at night and we are concerned about that and the fact that she will probably get hit by a car in time. Her legs were infected and were treated and she is ok now.
A letter from her foster Mom -- Mercedes is doing well in her NJ foster home and her foster mom loves her. Mercedes is easy to take care of and is a pleasure to have around. She appears to be housebroken and loves her crate with a warm blanket. Mercedes also loves her 4 foster doggie siblings. This wonderful gal with her warm brown eyes and soft ears would love a warm and loving home. Please fill out an application today. email or visit the site at