Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adopt Krugman, sweet and laid back senior pit bull

In the few days I’ve spent with this wonderful gray-faced pitbull, I can see why he’s touched so many people. He is so sweet and so laid back. He walks wonderfully on a leash, tugging only to stop and smell the flowers or chase a butterfly. Even though the years have not been kind to poor Krugman, his first reaction is to enjoy life and look at every day as a new beginning. I’m a better person for spending time with him and have already begun to have a new outlook on life. Krugman needs a home to rest his head and enjoy a REAL new beginning.. with a family who will love him as much as he loves them. A family who will assure him that he will never be hungry again and let him stop and smell the roses on a walk. Somewhere, there is a bed for Krugman to sleep on and be comfortable.. away from the hectic life of a kennel. He has not known a fluffy bed to rest his head on for years.. Please give him a chance to learn that life is not about living day in and day out in cage. Give him the chance to stretch his legs in a yard and roll in the grass while getting his belly rubbed. I promise you won’t be disappointed. email or visit the site at